Friday, January 22, 2010

Mommy Update

So, this update is obviously ridiculously overdue. The truth is, I have tried to type up an update several times and I get almost ready to publish the post, and I lose it. I get so upset/frustrated that I give up and go onto doing something else.

I have been busy, I am working full time (and continuing to love that aspect), going to school part time (not loving that aspect as much), plus staying home with the boys, studying, etc. Oh yeah, and trying to keep our house clean. It isn't as clean as it used to be, but it is safe and not too nasty, so, there! lol.

The boys have been relatively healthy. About a month and a half ago, I noticed this little spot on ZC's groin, then his tummy. I really wasn't sure what it was. It looked like a little sore, but it didn't really seem to bother him. I got home from work one day and noticed Max had it on his finger and face. I freaked out. Whatever it was, they were spreading to each other. I for sure thought that it was MRSA (An antibiotic staph infection). I took them to the doctor and no MRSA, but it was Staph. I can not fathom where they got it from?!? But, they are little boys and they are going to get that stuff. And it never really seemed to bother them.

They are eating champions. I weighed them on the bathroom scale yesterday and they were both right around 24 lbs. ZC is a little taller than MT, but not by much. They love "real food" and with 8 and 6 teeth respectively, they are able to eat lots. :) Including Mommy's finger.

The boys are both good at lots of things and seem to be developing right on track. They both have their strengths. Zachary is very verbal and is constantly babbling and saying, "dadadadadada." He will be crying and mumbling and then look right at me and loudly say, "DADA." lol. I usually respond with something like, "Sorry Kid." JK. I try to get the whole dada thing to work towards my advantage if he wakes up in the middle of the night, to smack Dustin and let him know that Zachary wants him, not me. It hasn't worked so far, but I am going to keep trying.

Maxwell is a stellar scooter. He doesn't quite get his belly off the ground, but he loves to move all around the kitchen floor. He is also a big fan of the heating vents. He knows exactly how to open and close all of them. And then, I wonder why their room is so cold at night. Oh yeah, Maxy shut the vent. :) He enjoys giving lots of kisses and kissing the marble floor. The boys love playing and interacting with each other. They really worry if one is gone. We haven't really separated them at all lately, the look on their faces when they don't know where their brother is--breaks our heart.

We are (finally) getting them baptized on Sunday. I know, I know, we should've done this a long time ago. I wanted to wait until they were fully vaccinated against H1N1 and Seasonal Flu. We also had a little trouble deciding who would be their sponsors. We wanted to keep it fair, with someone from each family. But, Dustin is an only child and we do not see his family from Nebraska near enough... We finally decided that the boys would have the same Godparents. My sister, Betsy and her husband, Rob. So, fair is fair will follow in that aspect too.

We continue the same house rules. 1. Don't wake your brother. 2. Fair is Fair. LOL. :)

I am finally getting my gall bladder out (see all the finally's). I am just tired of the pain and attacks. I am doing it on February 15th and I will be unable to lift the boys for one week! My mom is coming Monday-Wednesday, but we have shifts open on Thursday-Saturday morning. If anyone is interested. I should be able to still do all of the work, just not the lifting. I will be off work for a week. That should give me plenty of time to recover.

I just almost accidentally deleted a whole bunch of this, so, a posting I will go.

Love to all, Sara

Saturday, January 2, 2010