Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proof that we are STILL in Pre-Term Labor

I guess I never really had any doubts that it had stopped... But I was feeling pretty good for the last few days. I had a really good weekend, a decent Monday and a normal Tuesday. I laid down to go to bed last night and starting having contractions about 7 minutes apart. I figured it was because I was just at the end of my Procardia dose. I took it, drank some water, did fetal kick counts and fell asleep. I have Narcolepsy, so I think I fell asleep about 10 minutes into kick counts and Zach was ahead, 8-5. They want you to get 10 per baby in one hour.

I woke up this morning and felt ok, but I was so incredibly uncomfortable. I had the back ache, the headache, and my contractions were still strong. I drank some water and laid down to do kick counts and after 45 minutes, only had ONE per baby! Way decreased fetal movement, especially considering I had just ate breakfast and had drank a ton of water.

I had rescheduled my OB appt. from tomorrow to today earlier in the week and it was at 11:30 a.m. I tossed around whether I should wait for my appointment or call Labor & Delivery. I decided to call. They wanted me to come right in, since I had all ready done all the things I could do at home.

I go to check in and had the sweetest registration lady. She told me I looked like I was ready to have the babies, NOW! She said I just have this look in my eye? Whatever that means, I thought it was cute.

I got upstairs, went on the monitor right away. Babies were pretty good, my contractions were strong. I had to stay on the Non-Stress Test monitors for a while until the Labor & Delivery nurse spoke with Dr. Roberts. She wanted me to have an ultrasound.

Zach is still head down, Max is still breech. The weights today, which are probably off and have a one pound margin of error were Zachary at 4 lbs. 11 oz. and Max at 4 lbs. 5 oz. I am certain that Max has gained weight in the past two weeks! The ultrasound machine is only a 2D here and certainly a low model compared to the 4D ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center.

I had to take 20 mg of Procardia at the hospital, which just about knocked me on my ass and now, I need to increase my meds to four times a day, instead of three. Holy Hannah, I don't know how I am going to deal with the migraines that come along with it though.

So, still cooking Twins...

Hugs, Sara

Sunday, April 26, 2009

34 Week Belly Picture

23 weeks

11 weeks later, 34 weeks.

I tried to find some pictures that looked similar to compare the belly. It is continue to get bigger and bigger. I am not entirely uncomfortable all the time, but I certainly can not be without my Procardia either.

The boys have been very active lately, which I love. I can tell what all of their little body parts are. Today, Zach was twisting his feet around and I could feel all of his little foot going back and forth. Dustin usually gets to catch most of it and feel it too. I think that is the one thing I will miss when I am not pregnant.

At 34 weeks, we would still have to deliver at the University and spend some time at the NICU. We need to get to next Saturday to be able to deliver in Princeton. We are almost, almost there!! :)

I go to the doctor again on Thursday. I will update more after then.

Hugs & Love to All,
The Grieser's

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feel Bad Tuesdays

I think I am going to start naming Tuesday's, "Feel Bad Tuesday's" because again yesterday, I felt bad. I woke up several times on Monday night with contractions, a few of them were VERY painful and woke me out of a deep sleep. I could not get comfortable and I had a nasty, middle back ache. I was a little reassured since my backache was in the middle of my back & not my lower... But, I still felt terrible nonetheless. I took some Tylenol that did not even TOUCH the pain.

I woke up when Dustin went to work because I just couldn't stand to toss and turn in bed anymore. I ate some breakfast, drank some water, took my procardia and laid back down. At one point, before the procardia, my contractions were pretty regular & intense. I drank more water and laid on my left side and it eventually subsided.

I tossed around the idea of going into Labor & Delivery all morning, but as soon as the medicine kicked in, the contractions stopped. I have no idea what brought them on, I imagine the interrupted sleep. That is not going to get any better unfortunately.

I am so big and so awkward. I can not turn in bed on my own. I can barely get up to go to the bathroom. I am ready to have these babies, but I just want to avoid the NICU. At 35 weeks, they can be delivered in Princeton with no Neonatal ICU. Just a few more days I NEED them to hang around.

I have another doctor appointment next Thursday, April 30th. It feels like forever away, but of course, if I need to go in sooner, L & D is only a few minutes away.

Love, Sara

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thirty Three Weeks, Belly Pictures!

If I hear, "Oh, you aren't that big for twins" one more time, I am going to get a backpack that weighs approximately 30 pounds (or more) and make the commenter wear it for one day. And then, make them have to pee every hour or less!! (Just so they get the whole experience). Our neighbor said that to Dustin yesterday and he kindly reminded her that I still have seven weeks until full term. :)

I feel really good today, it is so nice to have the extra fluid gone and my little fingers no longer look like sausages. My feet fit into shoes again as well, which I am pleased with.

I have been so tired the last two days. I don't know what it is, but every time I sit down, I fall asleep. I don't know if it is from the narcolepsy or the pregnancy. With all of this sleeping, there is absolutely NO nesting going on! I was fortunate enough to have my sister Betsy, her husband and their boys come over yesterday to help me get a few extra things accomplished while Dustin was at work. We still need to pick up the second rocking chair and we are ready.

I do enjoy being pregnant. I am doing exactly what the doctor said and enjoying what we wanted so much and waited for. :)

Love To All,
Sara, Dustin, Zachary & Maxwell

*Auntie Corrie, I sent a message to the boys about May 17th. It sounds like a beautiful day to me! I will remind them when it gets closer as well! :) *

Friday, April 17, 2009

32 week Appointment Update

Tomorrow, we will be 33 weeks! I can not believe it!!! (My back on the other hand, can totally believe it!!!)

I went to the doctor in Zimmerman yesterday, to see my regular OB, Dr. Roberts. She couldn't believe how much better I had looked from the previous week and was very glad that we have been able to calm the pre-term labor. Her words were, "by trying to do it all, you really upset your babies, so now, by being on bed rest, you've made everyone happy again."

My vitals were great- BP was 110/74, I lost 4 lbs. of fluid from the previous week (yeah, I would say that everyone is happier now!)

The babies were excellent. She is funny, she has always termed Baby A (Zachary), the naughty one, because every time she would try to find his heartbeat, he would squirm and wiggle away. Well, now, because they have no room to hide, she was able to find his heartbeat within seconds. She made some comment about how now he couldn't even be naughty if he tried. :) I really do appreciate her sense of humor. When she needs to be serious though, she is VERY serious.

We talked about the birth plan too! (Still in awe that it is time to plan for the BIRTH!) I go to the University of Minnesota again on Wednesday, May 13th for a final growth scan, the next day I see Dr. Roberts in Zimmerman and based on their positions, we will decide to have a vaginal delivery or a C-Section. However, currently, they have no room to change positions, so, I am 99% sure that I will have a C-Section. Maxwell is laying over Zach, and he (Max) is also breech. He will be the difficult one to deliver. I could deliver Zach vaginally and then deliver Max via C-Section, but I don't really see the point in that... Plus, I am worried that Max will go into distress when his brother is gone.

I think we will look at delivery at 37 weeks, sometime between May 18-22nd, but that is just my guess.

I do see Dr. Roberts again on April 30th for a quick check-up. I am going to continue to take Procardia, three times a day, every 8 hours, round the clock, like I have been. This is truly giving our boys so much extra & vital time in the womb.

Well, I am getting dizzy, so I better go lay down. Thank you all for the love & prayers. And thank you to my amazing husband who has done so much for me and helped in so many ways. He is a saint and I know we ALL love is hilarious blog posts!

Love, Sara

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Appointment Update

Again, for the most part, all went pretty well.

We got there a half hour early, as usual, due to the unknown Minneapolis (read:hell) traffic situation and were actually late getting into the room. Apparently they had another expecting Mom who was having some complications. Sara overheard "amniocentesis" and we figured that couldn't be good. So, here are all my well-wishes to the unknown Momma and whatever they have going on.

Once we got into the room we had the same nurse that we had when we went in for our first appointment. They have all been wonderful, but this lady seems to take some extra time out to explain exactly what she's doing every step of the way. It's really nice to know exactly what she is looking at whether it is a tummy measurement, head circumference, arm/leg bones or the amount of fluid in their individual sacs.

At this point in their gestation they start to do some tests on the boys as far as their progress and growth. It is an eight point test and two points are awarded for faux-breathing (where you can see their tummy go in and out), extending a limb, general movement of the child and the water surrounding them in their little area.

Both boys scored 8/8. Pretty cool.

The only thing they were concerned about was the fact that Max (baby b) has basically stretched himself length-wise across Zach. While I thought this was pretty humorous in that poor Max has been stuck in the corner with his feet into his chin for god knows how long and apparently just had enough of the whole situation, Doctor Williams showed some concern about it in regards to birth-time. Well, Sara is already going to ask for a c-section so it's pretty much a moot point. It's nice that they show concern about that stuff, though...again; the University of Minnesota Fetal Medical Center has been nothing short of wonderful through every appointment we have had. Can't say enough good things about them.

Max is now topping the charts at a whopping 4lbs 5oz, and Zach is 4lbs even. Both right where they should be. Growing like big boys.

No pictures this time, unfortunately...seems both boys have officially gotten pissed off at the mention of the ultrasound machine and now refuse to cooperate when it comes time to take their picture. Max literally shook his head in a "no-no-no-no" way when the U/S tech was trying to measure his head. Must be union.

Anyway, that's about it. We got home later than we both thought and Sara took a nap right away while I watered some trees outside and did some basic spring clean-up. Now it's just time to keep the boys growing and get the grass started on the same path.

Night all,


Monday, April 13, 2009

That Bookcase

I would just like to state, for the record, that bookcase was one of the biggest pains in the neck that I have ever had to endure.

I go to pick it up to move it, BAM! It tears and breaks the screws that are holding it together.

I go to place the top part of it on the lower case, BAM! The plastic dowels break. TWICE.

Screw that thing.

I will take great pleasure in watching that %!@king thing burn in the fire pit in the very near future.

Have a great %!@king day, all.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The nursery is done!

Looking in from the hallway, notice the new valance that matches the other dinosaur pictures! :)

The rocking chair and bookshelf. Lots of time will be spent in this corner! I still need to personalize the pictures in the frames.

This is the wall directly to the left of the door, with the changing table and hamper.

The nursery is complete!! I am so excited that it is done! Dustin outdid himself today, finishing the final work of putting together the bookshelf while all I could do was sit in the chair... I was very proud of him for getting it done and I know how much the boys are going to LOVE their room.

I also finished packing the hospital bag and packed "going home" bag for baby. I still need a
going home outfit" for Mommy, but that's all.

The Procardia is REALLY working! My uterus is so much more relaxed and my contractions are finally calmed down... I hardly have any at all. I am taking the medicine religiously every 8 hours, even setting my alarm in the middle of the night. It makes me tired and very dizzy, since it is supposed to drop my blood pressure, but I am just so pleased it is working.

We wish you all a very happy & blessed Easter. It's amazing to think that next year, we will have TWO 11 month old little boys toddling around, enjoying spring and the Easter Bunny! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update: Bed Rest & Procardia

First of all, Thank you to everyone who sent us messages, e-mails, thoughts and prayers after our very scary day earlier in the week.

Being a pregnant momma certainly does not come without fear, worry, or stress, but we feel all of your love and positive thoughts and it DOES make a difference.

I went back into the clinic yesterday for my 2nd dose of the steroid, Betamethasone. I was also hooked up to the Non-Stress Test monitor. The babies were doing better than on Tuesday, but my uterus was still as irritable as ever, and my contractions were fairly regular.

My fetal fibronectin test came back negative, which the doctor said is a 90% chance that I will NOT deliver in the next two weeks, but she was very concerned about the irritability and the irritation that they were experiencing. She said it was pretty obvious that they were trying to come out, NOW.

She put me on Procardia, a heart medicine, to calm my uterus and stop the contractions. I need to take it three times a day for 10 days, and then maybe I can switch to the once daily extended release pill.

Procardia has some side effects for me, like lowering my blood pressure, heart flutters, flushing, headaches, dizziness, etc. I need to lay down on my left side for at least an hour after I take the medicine and I can not drive.

I am also on Level II bed rest. Level II is similar to Level III with resting in bed, on my left side, but at least I can get out of bed to eat with Level II. Dr. Roberts said if I am feeling ok, I can even get up to go outside. But, then I should go right back to bed.

The Procardia takes a few days to kick in, so, I am still waiting for that. I am also trying to find the best times to take it around resting schedules.

We are taking everything day by day, minute by minute actually. I am not making plans until right before... I am sure we won't be going to Easter. I just need to make my main job to grow, grow, grow these babies.

They are big now, almost 4 lbs. I would guess. SO, they would do ok outside of the womb, but at 31 1/2 weeks, they would require almost a month in the NICU.

I will go to the U of M next Wednesday for another growth scan & see the doctor again on Thursday.

(((((((HUGS))))))))) and Love to all of you, Sara

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip to L & D, Steroids, Level III Bedrest

What a day! I haven't been feeling that great since Sunday night. I got really sick after I ate Subway for dinner, I vomited all over myself/etc. and had some nasty gallbladder pain. My gallbladder was really acting up and my entire side tingled from the pain. I went to bed and felt ok.

I woke up on Monday morning and noticed I was dizzy. Really, really dizzy. I almost fell a few times because of it. I didn't really know what was going on. I studied, did some homework, wrote out Thank-You's from the baby showers and went to class. I had a headache and a backache, as well as the dizziness, but I did ok. I came home and we had dinner, which I kept down fine. I was pretty tired in the evening, still having the dizzy spells all the time. Dustin made me blueberry muffins that I was craving before bed and they didn't stay down much. I slept ok.

I got up this morning and my fingers & feet were so swollen that I literally could barely stand on my feet. I had gained 4 lbs. overnight and still didn't feel great. I still had a headache and a backache. I could now feel the contractions and they were getting strong and more regular. I talked to my Mom and looked up some information on pre-ecclampsia and ended up calling the nurse.

The nurse hears multiple births and immediately wants me to go to the hospital in Princeton and check into Labor & Delivery. They do not screw around with twins. I took a shower and before I got into the shower, I vomited again. I got kind of scared.

I called Dustin and he agreed to do whatever I needed. I figured I would get settled and then let him know what to do. I got into the hospital and my blood pressure was great, 110/68, and the rest of my vitals were great, but I was dehydrated.

Not really surprising considering everything I tried to keep down today, I vomited. I was still having the headache and also the uterine irritability. The contractions were really strong on the monitors and I could feel them and see a rise in Zach's heartbeat with the bad ones.

My sister Betsy came up to see me and Dustin came over during lunch. There really wasn't much for anyone to do. I had some blood drawn, I gave a urine sample, I got an IV with 2 liters of fluid, and also some IV Zofran for the nausea/vomiting. My headache still hadn't gone away and I am sure I have a migraine. They really just diagnosed me with pre-term labor & dehydration which I know are related to the migraine. I have a low level of Albumin in my blood, which explains the low blood pressure.

The nurse checked me and I am dilating. Dilating and contracting not good... I got a shot of steroids in my butt to mature the lungs since I am in pre-term labor. (See what Mommy does for you babies?!)

I was able to go home, but only on Level III bedrest. I can go to the bathroom and that is it. Otherwise, I have to lay on my left side. I am not even supposed to eat sitting up. I can't climb stairs, drive, etc.

They did a Fetal Fibrometcin test to see if the boys will be delivered in two weeks, but the results aren't back yet. That will determine the next plan of action.

I have to go into the clinic tomorrow for my 2nd dose of steroids and will see Dr. Roberts then. I will have a plan of action then.

Until then, I need to lay on my left side. Drink water. And go to the bathroom. The boys weigh about 4 lbs. a piece, but I need them to hang out just a little longer.

I will update tomorrow after my clinic visit at 1 p.m.

Love, Sara

Saturday, April 4, 2009

31 weeks

I know, it may not look like I am that "big", but I am measuring 56" around and it is getting difficult for me to move. My back hurts like h*ll... I am trying to take Tylenol and rest, but resting isn't something I do too well...

I am really feeling the effects of being pregnant tonight and there is no way I overdid it today, I hardly did anything.

We did buy tickets for Metallica today and were lucky enough to get them before they sold out! The concert is in October. It should be a fun night out!

Ok, well, back to resting.

Love, Sara

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Appointment

I went to the doctor again this morning for my two week check up. I go every two weeks now, until 34 or 35 weeks, then, I go every week. I saw Dr. Roberts, my OB/GYN and to be honest, it could not have went better. Today I am 30 weeks, 5 days.

My urine was clear for the first time in 1 1/2 months. I had some protein in it before and glucose at my last visit, but this time, nothing, nada.

My blood pressure was 126/72. Up a little from normal, but still perfect.

The doctor praised me on my weight gain. I have gained 30 lbs. since the beginning of the pregnancy, which is pretty amazing. She said every pound is babies, fluid or placentas. She is very proud of my weight gain. And so am I!

I talked to her about the gall bladder & my appointment with the surgeon. She was happy with that, I will follow the diet. I caved and had pizza Tuesday night & thought I was going to die... I guess I really need to be strict about the diet!

She listened to their heartbeats and was able to find them both right away. They were nice & strong.

She addressed some discomfort that I am having, which has been more and more as I am growing. Now, I never have been graceful, but I am certainly getting more awkward as the days go on. If I stand up straight, I usually start to sway and fall!!! My center of gravity is most certainly different!

My paperwork for bed rest is all filled out and dated March 19th! I need to continue to listen to my body and to our boys and know when to say enough is enough. I am not very good at that, but I know that the best place for them to be is in utero still, so when I think it is too much, I just need to let the doctor & work know. I am going to continue doing it all until I say, whoa.

Dr. Roberts also said that with my progress and the growth of these children, we will most likely see them around 36 to 37 weeks!! Which is right around Mother's Day! I am so excited! I can not believe that two babies will be born.

I am still shocked that everything is going so well. My body failed me so bad with my pregnancy for Sammie... Her little heart had stopped beating almost THREE weeks before I spotted. My cervix never opened to have a "natural" miscarriage and they needed to use extra Cytotec during my D & C. I guess my body just didn't want to let her go. And then, it wouldn't get pregnant again right away. I honestly hated what my body was doing all of last year, that now, I am pretty awed at the fact that it is "cooperating" if you will.

Dr. Roberts was so excited that I am still pregnant. I am too. Just a few weeks left to go. We are almost done with the nursery. I bought everything to pack my hospital bag. We picked out the outfits the boys will wear home from the hospital. It is all falling into place & I can't wait.

We also talked about birthing options this morning. It will depend on their positioning in two weeks. I swear Zachary flipped last night, but I can never be positive. If he is head down, we can attempt a vaginal delivery and then try to flip Max during Zach's birth. Otherwise, if he is head down, we can deliver Zach vaginally and Max C-Section. If Zach is breech, they will both be C-Section. We have another ultrasound 4-15 at the University & I see Dr. Roberts again Thursday, April 16th at 10:20 a.m.

Hugs & Love to all of you,