Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trip to L & D, Steroids, Level III Bedrest

What a day! I haven't been feeling that great since Sunday night. I got really sick after I ate Subway for dinner, I vomited all over myself/etc. and had some nasty gallbladder pain. My gallbladder was really acting up and my entire side tingled from the pain. I went to bed and felt ok.

I woke up on Monday morning and noticed I was dizzy. Really, really dizzy. I almost fell a few times because of it. I didn't really know what was going on. I studied, did some homework, wrote out Thank-You's from the baby showers and went to class. I had a headache and a backache, as well as the dizziness, but I did ok. I came home and we had dinner, which I kept down fine. I was pretty tired in the evening, still having the dizzy spells all the time. Dustin made me blueberry muffins that I was craving before bed and they didn't stay down much. I slept ok.

I got up this morning and my fingers & feet were so swollen that I literally could barely stand on my feet. I had gained 4 lbs. overnight and still didn't feel great. I still had a headache and a backache. I could now feel the contractions and they were getting strong and more regular. I talked to my Mom and looked up some information on pre-ecclampsia and ended up calling the nurse.

The nurse hears multiple births and immediately wants me to go to the hospital in Princeton and check into Labor & Delivery. They do not screw around with twins. I took a shower and before I got into the shower, I vomited again. I got kind of scared.

I called Dustin and he agreed to do whatever I needed. I figured I would get settled and then let him know what to do. I got into the hospital and my blood pressure was great, 110/68, and the rest of my vitals were great, but I was dehydrated.

Not really surprising considering everything I tried to keep down today, I vomited. I was still having the headache and also the uterine irritability. The contractions were really strong on the monitors and I could feel them and see a rise in Zach's heartbeat with the bad ones.

My sister Betsy came up to see me and Dustin came over during lunch. There really wasn't much for anyone to do. I had some blood drawn, I gave a urine sample, I got an IV with 2 liters of fluid, and also some IV Zofran for the nausea/vomiting. My headache still hadn't gone away and I am sure I have a migraine. They really just diagnosed me with pre-term labor & dehydration which I know are related to the migraine. I have a low level of Albumin in my blood, which explains the low blood pressure.

The nurse checked me and I am dilating. Dilating and contracting not good... I got a shot of steroids in my butt to mature the lungs since I am in pre-term labor. (See what Mommy does for you babies?!)

I was able to go home, but only on Level III bedrest. I can go to the bathroom and that is it. Otherwise, I have to lay on my left side. I am not even supposed to eat sitting up. I can't climb stairs, drive, etc.

They did a Fetal Fibrometcin test to see if the boys will be delivered in two weeks, but the results aren't back yet. That will determine the next plan of action.

I have to go into the clinic tomorrow for my 2nd dose of steroids and will see Dr. Roberts then. I will have a plan of action then.

Until then, I need to lay on my left side. Drink water. And go to the bathroom. The boys weigh about 4 lbs. a piece, but I need them to hang out just a little longer.

I will update tomorrow after my clinic visit at 1 p.m.

Love, Sara


Kimmygintx said...

{{BIG HUGS}} Sarah I hope tomorrow finds you feeling muuuuuch better.

I hope that FFN test is a big fat negative for you!! Fingers Crossed!

Tracy said...

Oh Sara - you have had such an intense day! I, like Kimmy - hope that the FFN comes back negative and that those boys will continue to cook for as long as possible. I will keep you, Dustin, and the boys in my thoughts & hope that everything goes smoothly with your appointment tomorrow. Hugs!

karmapearl said...

Oh Sara, how scary!!!! I will be thinking of you and your precious little boys. Please KUP on how you are all doing!!!! *hugs*