Sunday, April 26, 2009

34 Week Belly Picture

23 weeks

11 weeks later, 34 weeks.

I tried to find some pictures that looked similar to compare the belly. It is continue to get bigger and bigger. I am not entirely uncomfortable all the time, but I certainly can not be without my Procardia either.

The boys have been very active lately, which I love. I can tell what all of their little body parts are. Today, Zach was twisting his feet around and I could feel all of his little foot going back and forth. Dustin usually gets to catch most of it and feel it too. I think that is the one thing I will miss when I am not pregnant.

At 34 weeks, we would still have to deliver at the University and spend some time at the NICU. We need to get to next Saturday to be able to deliver in Princeton. We are almost, almost there!! :)

I go to the doctor again on Thursday. I will update more after then.

Hugs & Love to All,
The Grieser's


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, you are thisclose to being able to deliver close to home and to being full term!! Keep on baking away boys - you are doing a great job!!! ;)

karmapearl said...

You are looking wonderful! Can't wait to hear about those boys' big debut. Won't be long now!!!!

Kimmygintx said...

Keep baking, boys! And keep your mommy entertained! ;)

You're doing great, Sarah!! :) :) :)

The Batson Family... said...

Love your pictures!!! Hang in there you are almost there. Give the boys a hug for me. :)