Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was getting ready to go to surgery and my Mom had put the boys in their cribs. They were being so loud and giggly, we opened the door and witnessed Zachary standing UP in his crib, followed by what we captured on video. (He was completely fine & giggly!!)

I am doing ok. Very, very sore. :(

Love, Sara

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mama, Dada, Baba

This is the first time in a while I am not napping during nap time. Thank you to the great babysitter who came over this morning while I went back to sleep. :) She is so amazing. We are so grateful that she lives so close and the boys love her so much. What a joy. After they saw her this morning, they started smiling and did not even look back at me. That is such a great feeling. You all must know about my fear of daycares, but this family is so great to us. They are what keep us here. Why we want to stay in our neighborhood of bombing suspects and dilapidated houses, unkept lawns and MOUNTAINS of shit piled up in the front yards, rude people who do not wave, smile or converse and little kids who play on the road. They know who they are and we love you. In an instant, we would leave the boys with them and have complete and total faith and trust in them. How do you put that into words or put a price on it?

So, I am listening to the lecture recordings for my Anatomy test tonight. It is really nice that she does record these, but it is so annoying to listen to other people ask questions that I can hardly handle it. I hope I do well. I sent off one of my applications to the RN program this morning. I am applying to 2 programs. One is a summer start, online, with occasional weekend clinics in either Bemidji, Grand Rapids or Park Rapids. The other is a fall start, on campus, days, in Coon Rapids. This semester, I need to finish A & P II and also a Political Science class for my A.A. in General Studies. When I am a RN, I will stay with my current, beautiful little client. Just make some more money.

The boys are doing so great and developing well, I think. It has been a while since I looked at where they are supposed to be. They LOVE eating, bath time, getting their teeth brushed, playing, and reading. They hate getting dressed. I used to continually change their outfits every time they puked or got dirty, but I finally said enough. I strip the dirty clothes off and they end up in what they end up in. We can not do laundry every day. I understand some people do that, but not me. Our house isn't as clean as it used to be, and I know that Dustin struggles with that, but I am ok with it. Because it is filled with so much more love.

It is so amazing to just watch them grow. I love when they crawl up to me and give me one of those big, mmmmmmmmm kisses. Maxy is a little more of a kisser. And that kid LOVES his grandmas. I don't know what it is, the way they smell, their skin, or what. But, give him a grandma (Gma Nancy or Gma Debbie) and he will start laughing, cuddling, playing, and is just in heaven. I don't remember much about my Grandma Brown (Mom's mom), but I do remember loving when she held me and loving playing with the flab on her arms. LOL. She passed away in 1990, and I am certain she loved when I would fondle that loose skin. She had 59 grandkids, I am amazed at the love she had for all of us and that I would be lucky enough to be able to have memories of her holding me.

Zachary definitely loves his Gma's too, but he has a little more of an affinity for his grandpa's (Gpa Wayne or Gpa Marty). They can get him giggling. He has such a deep laugh. Something about that kid, he came out of the womb looking like an older man-lol, and he is finally starting to look a little more like a baby. I don't really know what it is. Maybe because Max looked so much like a baby?

We don't continually compare then, but it is hard sometimes not to. They are developing at the same time in the same environment. I am looking to join a MOM group. I looked into some when I was pregnant, but never found one that I could relate to. ( I am not just interested in the damn garage sale!!) But I have been emailing a Mothers of Multiple group in St. Cloud and think I may go to their next meeting. I want the boys to play with other twins too. And I have an increasingly difficult time relating to others with singletons. Maybe it is just me and my proudness of being a "twin mommy."

I have a hard time when people complain about their kids, period. Especially when they only have one to feed, dress, etc. And I have a hard time when people say, "oh! Double Trouble!" I want to say to them, "oh, you have one kid, what a brat." Seriously. Don't say that to someone with twins. It isn't trouble. And when they say it in front of the boys, I get really livid. You are calling my kids trouble, in front of me and in front of them?!

I am somewhat of a mamma bear in this regard. I don't know why lately it has bothered me so much. Maybe from some of the comments we recieved at church during baptism. (Which went ok, Zachary kicked and screamed when I held him because he wanted the book and then, we had to hold a baby and the baptism candle-- 8 mo. olds and fire?!? Now I think I know why the Godmothers used to hold the babies. This would have all been fixed up if we gave them BOTH to Auntie Betsy. lol) I know people are just generally trying to be nice with the comments, but if I only had a quarter every time I got one.

I better stop procrastinating before nap time ends and I didn't even really study. It is about blood and the heart. I actually know a thing or two about how this works, but maybe not all the little scientific names for the pre-cursor cells. I really struggle in Anatomy. I took this class in 2001-2002, but to transfer, it needed to be recent in the last 7 years. I have a hard time mostly because I all ready am a nurse. I know realistically what you need to know. Like, the little kid who asks the teacher, "do we REALLY need to know this?" No, you don't. You need to know how to do CPR, run the AMBU bag, change the trach, call 911, press the code button and keep them breathing. Ok, you need to know more than that, but you must have the big things down. It doesn't really matter that the precursor cell to a thrombocyte is a megakaryoblast if your patient is bleeding out. Thank you.

The longer I listen to this, the more sarcastic I get. Oh well. We hope all is well out there in blog world and thank you all for following us and our blessings. We are truly grateful for all those we have met on our own journey.

Love, Mama (I usually don't hear Mama that often, ZC is the rambler, lots of Dadadadadada and baba. But, when he gets mad at me, he will look right into my eyes and scream, DADA. haha. Maybe double trouble isn't all that far off.)