Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeling like a Mom.

I finally feel like a mom. I don't know why I didn't before. Maybe it was that whole breastfeeding fiasco that DID NOT work. I can't help the fact that I tried for 11 days and I never actually got any milk. That the boys would cry because they weren't getting it faster. Have you tried to hold two babies at once while pumping? It made me crazy, the were bottle fed and we all were a little more sane.

I held Maxy for 4 days in the hospital in August while he was poked at, prodded at and treated like a leper because of an infection. He was secluded and isolated and cried for hours on end.

But, the real kicker happened today. I was on the couch, Zach was snuggling next to me, oh so sweet, he got a little fussy and it looked like he was drooling. I said to Dustin, "oh, I think he is nauseated" and 2 seconds later, he projectile vomited all over us. I got puked on. Not a little spit up or baby puke (after all, Maxy had horrible, nasty reflux), but vomit. And I picked him up, brought him to the bathroom while puking and bathed him... All while I wanted to barf, but I didn't. I then cleaned him up, showered, entertained Maxy (with mascara, the kid loves to play in my makeup). We all sat on the couch and cuddled... And it was pure bliss.