Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Special Post from Baby B.

This is a very special blog post from Maxwell T. Grieser. Yeah, everyone has been thinking that Zachary is sooooooooooo cool because he can climb up stairs, but, he can't type! I try really hard to follow him, I get to the first step, and I grunt and pull, it makes Mommy so sad that she picks me up and sets me down at the top of the stairs next to him. Then, my brother and I race down the hall. I always win. Always. He Army crawls, but, if he would lift his belly off the ground, like I do, he would be much faster. Don't tell him that though, he gets into enough trouble the way it is.

We are twins, which I really like. When I wake up in the morning, I look out of my crib, and I always start laughing. Zachary is usually standing up, waiting to talk to me. I just have to laugh at him, I know that it is way better to get a couple more minutes of sleep, than to stand up in my crib. He just falls over, I prefer to sit on my butt, that way, if I were to tip over, it isn't as much of a fall. Zachary is pretty tall. The last time Mommy took us to the doctor, he was 31.25 inches. I was 1.5 inches shorter than him, but I weighed more at 23 lbs. 10 oz. He was only 23 lbs. 8 oz. I have been trying my whole life to weigh more than him, so I was pretty proud. Anyway, when he falls, he looks kind of like a tree tipping over. He is pretty strong though and he really doesn't cry unless he is tired or gets hurt really bad.

Like this weekend, we were at our cousin Ethan's 3rd birthday party and there was a little chair tipped on its side. I just sat next to it, I knew it wasn't very sturdy, it didn't even have any of the legs on the floor. Well, Zachary, he didn't care, he stood up anyway. And guess what, yep, he fell. Really hard too. He actually put his top two teeth through his tongue. There was blood all over. Mommy took him into the bathroom, she thought he knocked a tooth out. But nope, just bit his tongue. Auntie Emma got him a freezy then. He is such a brat about that sometimes. I bet he will try to fall again, just so he will get a freezy. Especially at Auntie Betsy's house, because she only buys the brand name freezy's. Our Mommy & Daddy buy the generic ones. I was playing with Grandma Debbie when Zachary was getting his tongue put back together. When they came out of the bedroom and back to the birthday party, Grandma noticed that I didn't get a freezy, so she took it from Zachary and gave it to me. It was cherry too. :)

See, Zachary is kind of a brute. He does first, thinks later. But not me, I think about what I am doing. I plan my moves very carefully. I play with my toys the same way. I do not just throw them all over, I look at each one very seriously and then decide what I want to play with. I am very good with my hands. Mommy thinks I should be a surgeon when I grow up. She has been making me watch "Grey's Anatomy" with her since I was really little. Daddy hates that show, but that is an entire other post! It's kind of funny, because my Great Grandma and Grandpa Hoheisel told Mommy that they have a theory, Zachary is going to crash the cars and I am going to fix them. All I have to stay about that is he better give me all of his allowance for labor! Especially if I am going to have to fix something before Mommy & Daddy find out!

I really like to crawl. I especially like to go by the window and bang on it. This past Sunday, it was so nice out, that I got to play outside. Our neighbors came over (& I love them). Zachary and I got to crawl around on the driveway and in the grass! It was so fun, I even ate a rock! Jessica took it out of my mouth right way, but still! It was awesome. I can not wait until this summer when I am going to get to play out there all the time!

Our 1st birthday is coming up, we are having an awesome party. It is on Saturday, May 8th if you would like to come. Our actual birthday is May 6th, but that is a weekday and our parents have to work. Mommy & Daddy need to decide on a theme. I am so excited. I am hoping to get a Radio Flyer red wagon, it has a canopy and I will be able to look at Zachary when we are in it together. We also would like a slide for the yard, probably some ride-on toys and more books. We love to read. Even that crazy Zachary will sit still long enough for Mommy to read books to him.

I should probably go to bed. It is getting late and I see Zachary's butt wiggling in his crib. The next thing, he will want to help me blog. The last time he "helped" me on the compter, he ripped the Caps Lock button off and tried to eat it! The button is still missing from the laptop, but that is ok, I don't really use it anyway.

Love to all my fans,
Maxy T. aka Baby B.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday, Zachary decided he was going to climb up the stairs. And he did. Five times while I was trying to find the camera. Today, he did it again, I caught him on the 3rd step (I was doing laundry, I had a gate up, but that was down and Max was sitting on it). I did grab this little video of his tush taking off.

Maybe I will add some pictures of my gray hair next.