Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Proof that we are STILL in Pre-Term Labor

I guess I never really had any doubts that it had stopped... But I was feeling pretty good for the last few days. I had a really good weekend, a decent Monday and a normal Tuesday. I laid down to go to bed last night and starting having contractions about 7 minutes apart. I figured it was because I was just at the end of my Procardia dose. I took it, drank some water, did fetal kick counts and fell asleep. I have Narcolepsy, so I think I fell asleep about 10 minutes into kick counts and Zach was ahead, 8-5. They want you to get 10 per baby in one hour.

I woke up this morning and felt ok, but I was so incredibly uncomfortable. I had the back ache, the headache, and my contractions were still strong. I drank some water and laid down to do kick counts and after 45 minutes, only had ONE per baby! Way decreased fetal movement, especially considering I had just ate breakfast and had drank a ton of water.

I had rescheduled my OB appt. from tomorrow to today earlier in the week and it was at 11:30 a.m. I tossed around whether I should wait for my appointment or call Labor & Delivery. I decided to call. They wanted me to come right in, since I had all ready done all the things I could do at home.

I go to check in and had the sweetest registration lady. She told me I looked like I was ready to have the babies, NOW! She said I just have this look in my eye? Whatever that means, I thought it was cute.

I got upstairs, went on the monitor right away. Babies were pretty good, my contractions were strong. I had to stay on the Non-Stress Test monitors for a while until the Labor & Delivery nurse spoke with Dr. Roberts. She wanted me to have an ultrasound.

Zach is still head down, Max is still breech. The weights today, which are probably off and have a one pound margin of error were Zachary at 4 lbs. 11 oz. and Max at 4 lbs. 5 oz. I am certain that Max has gained weight in the past two weeks! The ultrasound machine is only a 2D here and certainly a low model compared to the 4D ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center.

I had to take 20 mg of Procardia at the hospital, which just about knocked me on my ass and now, I need to increase my meds to four times a day, instead of three. Holy Hannah, I don't know how I am going to deal with the migraines that come along with it though.

So, still cooking Twins...

Hugs, Sara

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Anonymous said...

Wow! You're doing a great job! And you look great, too!