Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

Happy May Day!!

We made it! Any time after tomorrow (35 weeks) the boys can be born in Princeton at Fairview Northland Hospital. No NICU, no University, etc. I am so incredibly excited about that. One of my biggest fears was having these little guys too early and to try to manage my time between two Neonatal Intenstive Care Unit Incubators, trying to find a place to eat/sleep and worrying about leaving them, etc. I could never leave, I know that. I am just thankful now that I don't have to worry about it.

I am still having a few breakthrough contractions, despite the increase in Procardia. I still get a headache and a backache, but it is nothing compared to what Zachary & Maxwell would have to go through as preemies. Full term for twins is 36-38 weeks, so almost there.

And our little guys have been SO incredibly active. Despite their increase in size, I can still feel them kick and squirm and move. I actually feel MORE movement now than I did before when they were little and like I said before, I can pretty much tell what is what now. I know where their little body parts are and what is jabbing at me. :) Last night, I held my breath and just watched my tummy, they looked like little kick boxers. I just laugh, it brings me such joy. They hear Dustin's voice & always kick. I know they miss him when he is at work.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, at the ultrasound on Wednesday, the tech commented on how much hair baby A (Zachary) has. She just smiled and said, "Wow, he has a FULL head of hair!" It showed up on the machine as a white shadow. VERY VERY cool. :) Dustin had hair as a baby, but this Mama, BALD until my 2nd birthday maybe? She didn't mention hair on Baby B. LOL. I can not wait to see their little faces, kiss their little cheeks and get to be a Mommy to TWO earth angels.

Love, Sara


karmapearl said...

This post made me so happy!!!! *hugs* I am so excited that you will be meeting both your boys soon! I can't wait to (internet) meet them! :) :)

Kimmygintx said...

Hang in there!! It's so hard to believe you're almost there. :) Glad to hear that you'll be able to deliver closer to home and not have to worry about incubators and such. YEAH!

Anonymous said...

YOU DID IT! Now all you have to worry about is getting to your local hospital... GOOD JOB! I know you are struggling with the headaches/contractions/back pains, but it is for sure worth it to have the boys get that "extra" uterus comfort time. I'm VERY proud of you Sara. ~Melissa