Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Update From the NICU

Zach is doing WONDERFUL.

He is going to get discharged tomorrow morning pending no setbacks which, at this time, doesn't look like there will be any. His oxygen saturations are perfect and so are all the other vital stats. He has already put on 2oz!

Max is eating from a bottle like a champ but, at this point, doesn't want much to do with breast feeding. He is wayyyyy more interested in sleeping. Who can blame the kid, huh?

Sara's recovery is going pretty well. The doctors are concerned about some low platelet counts from her blood work but she is finally pain-free for the first time in months. As soon as they took the boys out, her gall bladder pain and headache went away almost immediately.

No more real updates for now but here are a few pictures of Grandma Nancy holding Zachary in the NICU.


Tracy said...

This is great news! I will be keeping you guys in my thoughts that all goes well tonight and Zach gets discharged without a hitch tomorrow!! ;) Gotta get the family together!!

mercia said...

the boys are beautiful! it looks and sounds like zach is a little fighter! congratulations!

i can't wait to meet them...

all my love,