Sunday, May 3, 2009

35 week Belly Pictures

Thirty Five Weeks, One Day

35 Weeks, One Day

My Beautiful Swollen Feet, 35 weeks

Just some pictures of the belly, continually growing. I can't wear my wedding ring anymore and thankfully it is nice out, because even the flip flops struggle to get on my beautiful feet. :) I never have had very attractive feet. LOL, but this is certainly a stretch.

I feel pretty good, definitely have moments of not feeling well, but so far, they have just been moments. I can't do much anymore (nor should I, as I am constantly reminded). I am thankful for Dustin, who is very instrumental in getting me off the floor, helping me out of bed, etc.

We avoided the NICU. I have been in Pre-Term labor for 4 weeks, but manged to keep it quiet with medicine and rest. Pretty amazing.

Thank you to Dustin's Aunt Candy for the very sweet package we received yesterday in the mail. How fun!

And lastly, Happy 26th Birthday to the twin's Auntie Betsy. Baby G-Funk and his brother love you very much. When I was just pregnant (before I even knew we were having twins), I CRAVED BBQ chips one day. I was at work and Betsy works in the same town I do. I had the baby send her an e-mail to get us some chips and it was signed of course, Baby G-Funk.

Love to All, Sara

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Anonymous said...

Wow! 35 Weeks!!! You have definitely made it further than most twin mommies! Congrats! You look great! I only made it to 33 weeks with my girls... can't imagine how you're feeling at 35 weeks!