Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 days Old!

Hello All,

First off, THANK YOU all for your prayers, love, well wishes and EVERYTHING. We know that it is by those things that have helped us through the last six days of our boy's life. They are absolutely perfect in every single way. I can not even believe to explain the love that Dustin and I feel in our hearts for Zachary & Maxwell.

The boys have such different personalities. It is so much fun to see them together. Max is more sleepy & a little lazy... He was in utero too. I almost never felt him active until the evening. Zach is very strong, sweet and knows what he wants. He cries a little more than Max, which I blame on the NICU, but he is learning that his Mommy & Daddy are here and together now to meet his every need.

They wake up about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours to eat and drink about 2 ounces at a time. My milk still isn't in, so, we are feeding them formula and then every other feeding, one gets milk that I pumped. It is working well.

They had their first doctor appointment today and their first outing. We had to go to the Fairview Clinic in Elk River to see Dr. Amy Geurtin. She will be the twin's pediatrician. All you could hear was, "aahhhhh" and "they are so tiny!" and "oh! BEAUTIFUL!!!" Certainly we are VERY proud parents!!

Their weights are Zachary Clifford at 5 lbs. 13 ounces (2 ounces less than his birth weight) and Maxwell Theodore at 5 lbs. 6 ounces (3 ounces less than his birth weight). They give them 2 weeks to get back to their birth weights and our boys are almost there at one week! Little overachievers. :)

They also passed their bilirubin checks. THANK GOD they didn't have to be poked. The nurse just used the machine on their head. Both were around 7, they peaked at 10 on Saturday, which means that they are in the clear for jaundice.

They both poop & pee well. In fact, Max peed AND pooped on me tonight! We all laughed so hard, I didn't know what to do except giggle!

My mom has been here helping and she will go home tomorrow. We will be alone over the weekend and then she will be back on Sunday.

Dustin and I make an amazing team and like I said before, he is the absolute best father ANYONE could ask for. Our sons are so lucky & he is a natural! Gets up with every feeding and he is the only one who can stop the hiccups or make Zach burp.

I am feeling all right from my C-Section. I still have a TON of fluid and am pretty puffy. Much better than I was. I am doing pretty ok with pain, but it does get me pretty fierce when it hits. I swear, it could knock me over. More than anything, my back hurts, but we certainly can handle it. My incision looks good & no infections so far.

Again, the prayers, love & support are what brought us here today. We love you all.

Love, Sara


Nicole said...

Im so glad that Max and Zach are already growing and thriving. It sounds like you and Dustin are handling all of these changes unbelievably well. And Im sure youre both incredibly proud of your little guys too!
I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day, Sara!


Anonymous said...

So glad everyone is doing so well! Sounds like they're already on a good schedule... that's so important! I know you're busy/exhausted (understatement)... but I can't wait to see some more photos of your handsome little men!

Prossy said...

A very big congrats Sara. I followed your story on the TTCAM board and I am so glad you have had your beautiful ending. I pray everything continues to go on well and that the pain goes soon.

karmapearl said...

*hugs* Can't wait for more pics. I hope your C recovery is short and sweet and that you get to feeling better soon! Your boys are so adorable and I'm so happy for you. It figures, just when you become a PAL grad I finally get to join PAL! haha!