Friday, April 17, 2009

32 week Appointment Update

Tomorrow, we will be 33 weeks! I can not believe it!!! (My back on the other hand, can totally believe it!!!)

I went to the doctor in Zimmerman yesterday, to see my regular OB, Dr. Roberts. She couldn't believe how much better I had looked from the previous week and was very glad that we have been able to calm the pre-term labor. Her words were, "by trying to do it all, you really upset your babies, so now, by being on bed rest, you've made everyone happy again."

My vitals were great- BP was 110/74, I lost 4 lbs. of fluid from the previous week (yeah, I would say that everyone is happier now!)

The babies were excellent. She is funny, she has always termed Baby A (Zachary), the naughty one, because every time she would try to find his heartbeat, he would squirm and wiggle away. Well, now, because they have no room to hide, she was able to find his heartbeat within seconds. She made some comment about how now he couldn't even be naughty if he tried. :) I really do appreciate her sense of humor. When she needs to be serious though, she is VERY serious.

We talked about the birth plan too! (Still in awe that it is time to plan for the BIRTH!) I go to the University of Minnesota again on Wednesday, May 13th for a final growth scan, the next day I see Dr. Roberts in Zimmerman and based on their positions, we will decide to have a vaginal delivery or a C-Section. However, currently, they have no room to change positions, so, I am 99% sure that I will have a C-Section. Maxwell is laying over Zach, and he (Max) is also breech. He will be the difficult one to deliver. I could deliver Zach vaginally and then deliver Max via C-Section, but I don't really see the point in that... Plus, I am worried that Max will go into distress when his brother is gone.

I think we will look at delivery at 37 weeks, sometime between May 18-22nd, but that is just my guess.

I do see Dr. Roberts again on April 30th for a quick check-up. I am going to continue to take Procardia, three times a day, every 8 hours, round the clock, like I have been. This is truly giving our boys so much extra & vital time in the womb.

Well, I am getting dizzy, so I better go lay down. Thank you all for the love & prayers. And thank you to my amazing husband who has done so much for me and helped in so many ways. He is a saint and I know we ALL love is hilarious blog posts!

Love, Sara


Kristi said...

Congrats on 33 weeks! Big accomplishment! (Yes... I'm stalking you now!) Hope you have a very uneventful 4 more weeks!

The Batson Family... said...

I am just pointing out that if you have the babies on May 17th...that is my anniversary (1st anniversary) and that would be awesome!!! :) Hang in there and know that I am thinking about you! ((HUGS))