Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Pictures & Update

27 days old, wearing 3 month jammies!

About two weeks old? Like FATHER like SON! Maxwell with the remote on his Packers pillow!

I'm not sure I posted this, but it was on my camera still... 35 weeks

Fun! Wow, How I LOVE being a Mother!

The picture of Zach is recent, and the one of Max is a few weeks old. I can not believe how much they change. I just uploaded the pictures from my camera. For those of you that don't know, we have a 4-level house, and we keep a camera in the family room so when the boys do something cute, we don't have to run upstairs, the camera is right there to catch the moment. They are constantly doing something cute! :)

They had a few nights of GREAT sleep, only up twice! And then two nights of TERRIBLE sleep, and last night, again only up three times.

They have been a little fussier during the day. On Monday, I could NOT figure out what was wrong with them... until I finally set them together in the boppy pillow, perfect. Stopped crying. No more fuss. They just wanted to be together. :) They are so sweet. I love how close they are.

They have different personalities. Max is more drama. He is very laid back until he is hungry or mad. Then, WATCH OUT. He screams like crazy! He spits up, and is a champion eater. Probably eats too much and DEFINITELY eats too fast! Zachary is very serious. He is laid back also, always watching out for his brother. He will cry if Max cries. They do not wake each other up crying, they are still on the same schedule. Zach is still constipated sometimes, but we did change their formula to Nestle Good Start in the green can. It is a fortune, costing us about $50/week, but well worth it if our babies are feeling better!

I am feeling all right. I still have a back ache and I think my break-through blood pressure is getting better from the toxemia. I still can tell that it gets out of control sometimes. My "gallbladder" is fine, my LIVER was the problem. I had a huge blood clot surrounding it. They took it out with the C-Section and I feel like a new woman! I gained 38 lbs. I came home 24 lbs. lighter and was at my pre-pregnancy weight one week after the boys were born. (Fluid retention anyone?) I am tenatively going back to work on July 1st, but it will depend on my post partum check-up on June 19th.

I can not believe that on SATURDAY is our DUE DATE! I am so lucky. I have two amazing sons, one amazing husband, a beautiful angel baby. A great family, wonderful friends. It takes my breath away.

The boys were born exactly one month early, May 6th from their due date of 6/6. My sister Betsy is coming over tomorrow to do a photoshoot. I tried it on my own and they just cried the whole time. I will post more pictures then.

My babies are sleeping, so, I must go stare at them. My favorite thing to do.

Love you all, Sara


Anonymous said...

What a great update! I'm wishing I had been more detailed in my posts... it's so hard to remember everything even a week later :( Keep it up! They are absolutely adorable! (And congrats on the weight loss - that's awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics, and the birth announcement! I cannot believe the change either?! It sounds like you are all doing well. Enjoy every second, especially the watching while they sleep (that never grows old, they always look so peaceful). :) Love to all, Missy

Nicole said...

"My babies are sleeping, so, I must go stare at them." LOL I love sleeping babies too! My big girl is 4 years old and I will never get tired of watching her sleep.

It sounds like you & Dustin are just loving being parents! Glad everything is going so well for the four of you! :)

Alyssa Arlen said...


Your boys are so adorable and I love the announcement! How cute!

Happy Father's Day to Dustin!

(FYI...check out the board when you can... one of our long lost friends is BACK online!)