Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday party

Just a few pictures and lots of thanks for all who made it to the birthday party yesterday. It was so awesome to celebrate with our friends and family. Rachel, Mark, Auntie Betsy, Uncle Rob, Ethan, Owen & baby, Uncle Darrick, Auntie Emily and baby Susan, Grandpa Wayne, Grandma Nancy, Auntie Emma, Aaron, Jocie, Jessica, Grandma Debbie, Papa Marty, Amanda, Arlyn, Alec, Arycin-- THANK YOU!

The boys got so many great things, including these very cool ride on toys. Dustin and I bought them a swing set. And ever since it has been in the backyard, a little bluebird perches itself on there. It isn't spooky, it just sits there, and looks around. Protects the swingset. We have lived here for three years and have never had a bluebird in our yard. I believe in spirits being in animals, and I realize I am going to sound a little out there right now, but every time I look at that bird, I think about our angel baby, Sammie. Looking over her brothers, playing on the swingset too. It literally leaves me speechless.

And that takes a lot.

Love, The Mommy

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