Friday, October 29, 2010


I said I would be better at blogging, but yeah, not so much. I have ever intention to blog more, but I usually have millions of things that end up taking priority. Go Figure.

It is such a blast watching the boys grow up. They are so different, yet so alike. It amazes me how much "nature" plays a role in personality formation. Really, the twins are being raised the same way. They shared a womb, they had the same the same birth. They shared a crib, eat the same things, etc. Yet, they are so different.

Max has such a sweet spirit. He is more of an introvert, but has a crazy, cute side too. He has excellent fine motor skills and will sit and play with one toy for quite some time.

Zach is a little wild, but also, very sweet. He is an extrovert. He will blow kisses at every woman in the store. He will pull his diaper off, pull bread off the counter. He actually has some great independent skills.

It has been a crazy ride so far, we love every second.

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