Thursday, December 23, 2010


So much for being a better blogger!

I tried to get everything together, the honest truth is that lately, I don't have it together. If you want proof, come over to our house. I used to have everything in tip-top shape, but it seems as though our home has been ransacked by two 19-month old young men. They must be looking for money or something, it seems as though all they have found is toys and manage to leave them lie all over the house.

Which isn't really fair to our Maxy though... because starting this week, he picks up his toys. He runs around the living room and puts his toys in the bucket. This behavior is encouraged by clapping and cheers. Even Zachary gets in on the action. Not the picking up of the toys, but rather sitting on the couch and applauding.

Maxy has had a very rough week. His infection is back on his finger. We are just sick about it. Poor little guy. He is starting to get the nail back, but right at the cuticle base, he has herpetic whitlow. This is basically a cold sore or "herpes" on the finger. It is a virus, which comes and goes. I am sure that he contracted the virus from me (I have always had cold sores) right after he was born. When we were discharged from the hospital, I woke up the first morning at home with my face covered in cold sores. Certainly a reaction from stress & no sleep. Max's finger is not nearly as sore as it was before and it does not have the green pus, or the staph, that it had before. He does not have a fever and does ok using the infected hand.

Our little Maxy is left-handed, and his infected finger is his 4th finger or his "wedding ring" finger. I know someday, I am going to watch him get married and think about how horrible I feel each time he breaks out in these infections. I do worry about something more... why is his immune system low? But, I can't let myself go there, I won't. At least not right now.

Another heart breaker for our Max is that he fell on the stairs this week and chipped his front tooth. It is a small chip, but noticeable, nonetheless. He then hit the tooth again, while he was riding around on his car in the kitchen and his lips/gum started to bleed. Max is one of the sweetest children you will ever meet, which is why all of this tugs at the heart strings a little more.

I usually rant about Zachary. He has started biting. His main entree, Max. :( But I want to share some things about our Maxy. He has a very quiet demeanor, unless he is alone with one on one time. If we get him up when Zachary is sleeping, he is the craziest kid. He runs around, babbling and pushing every button he can find.

He is built like a brick shithouse. Certainly because he crawled until 15 months. He has the most amazing upper body strength and he is so brave. He used to cry when the vacuum came on. Now, if it comes on (which is Zach will usually go lay on the couch or cover up with a blanket, while Max will puff out his chest and run up to the outlet and unplug the cord. He does it with such bravery. You can see how proud he is when he is done.

Zachary makes this noise, it is a cross between whining and screaming, which drives us all crazy, but when he makes it, poor Max loses it. He starts to cry immediately. And a hard, big tear cry. We have tried to get Zach to stop, to realize that he is making Maxy sad, to remind him to use his inside voice, but nothing works. And Max shakes with cries, but yet the bravery he shows to unplug the vacuum is admirable.

He definitely isn't the "show stealer." He doesn't wave and blow kisses at complete strangers EVERYWHERE we go, but he has such a happy, pleasant demeanor. He has such a special relationship with people and really is a Daddy's boy. If he doesn't feel good, he will pass up me at any point for Dustin.

He is just such an amazing kid. He doesn't demand attention. He waits patiently. He LOVES raspberries and chocolate milk. He likes to sit and look at/read books. He loves Baby Einstein. He is a big fan of Jason Mraz, and if he is having a bad moment, and we put on some music, he calms down right away.

Maxy has a special little twinkle in his eye. It is hard to see the bruises from the biting and the chipped tooth, you never want to see your child suffer or hurt, but for some reason, my want for Max is different. It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about something happening to him. I feel the same way about Zachary too, but for some reason, I feel like I need to protect Maxy more.

Even though he is the one who puffs out his chest and shows me what it is like to be brave.


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