Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great boys, improving mama

Good Evening,

Zachary and I are still awake, Max and Dustin are sleeping. Zachary seems to have a little bit of an issue with bedtime. He is in a good mood, kicking and playing, but NOT sleeping! :P Right now that is. Actually, the twins are doing amazing with sleep. They go to bed around 8 p.m. and don't wake up for their first bottle until about 5 a.m. Yeah. They rock.

They turned three months this week. Unbelievable. They are getting so big. Max laughed at my mom yesterday and Zach is so close. They are cooing and "talking." They smile all the time, super fun!

We are getting our schedule down and they are doing really well. I weighed them today on the bathroom scale and they were both around 15 lbs.! They are in 6/9 month clothes!! How did they get so big so fast?! Tues. Aug. 11th, we take them both to the cardiologist. They are seeing Dr. Bass in Maple Grove. They will have echocardiograms first, then see the doctor. I am pretty sure that their murmurs are innocent considering their weight gain.

I am feeling better, I had an emergency D & C yesterday afternoon. I had been having some problems with TERRIBLE bleeding and just some general malaise. I had an ultrasound and bloodwork on Thurs. which all came back "normal." I went to see the OB on Friday at 12:30 p.m., she sent me straight from the clinic to the hospital. Dustin had took a 1/2 day, so he came into the hospital and the babysitter stayed with the twins until my mom came. We were home about 4:15 p.m. I am feeling a ton better. There was still some tissue in my uterus that didn't pass. I guess it is pretty common with fraternal twin C-Sections. Either way, I am feeling much better.

Well, I better get the work done that I came online to do. Zachary is still kicking me in the thigh, smiling! LOVE IT!

Love to all, Sara


Nicole said...

Your boys sure are getting big!!!

I love when babies do adorable, silly things like kicking you in the leg and laughing at you.

Wow, sorry you had to have a D&C. I hope you're feeling better than you were before, and that you're recovering okay now. Is your mom sticking around to help?

Kimmygintx said...

They grow up too fast! It's amazing to watch, though.

Sorry you had to have D&C, but hopefully that will do it and you'll be back to normal very soon! {{HUGS}}