Friday, August 28, 2009

Things Are Good

Just a quick update.

The boys had their echos and they both do have innocent heart murmurs - absolutely nothing to be worried about.

They are both, however, growing like fertilized weeds. At their appointments, Zach weighed 15lbs 9oz and Max weighed 15lbs 5 oz. Both were 24" long - officially two footers.

They're doing great - laughing, smiling, interacting and everything. Never thought parenthood would be this cool.

Will blog more later.


Anonymous said...

So glad they are doing so great! And getting so big! One of my girls has a murmor, too. Pretty common I think! Can't wait to see some new pics of your big boys!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, I guess they are growing fast! That's great news about their benign murmurs. I hope you are taking care of yourself Sara so you can be the great mom and wife you are. Hoping to see you all soon. Don't overdo, and get your rest as much as possible! Missy