Sunday, September 6, 2009

4 Months Old Today!

Wow, time really does fly quickly when you are watching your boys grow before your very eyes.

They have gone from five pound premature twins to well over sixteen pound little chunks - smiling, laughing, cooing and scooting the whole way. What a fun trip it has already been and we absolutely can not wait to see what the future has in store for all of us.

The boys have made a ton of amazing progress. Both are fully interacting with us - they have both found their hands and prefer their fingers to pacifiers most of the time. Thank goodness for that.

As the title says, today is their four month birthday. In honor of them, I am putting up some pictures that we have amassed mostly over the last month. These are in no particular order, but I will try to caption them best as possible.

It's our fourth month birthday and Mom made us take pictures in our pajamas. (Max on left, Zachary on the right)
Note: Boys are wearing 12 month pajamas here - wow.

It's tough being a baby, man, let me tell ya... (Max)

Mom wasn't quite quick enough with the food and I got bored. (Max)

YEP. (Max on left, Zachary on the right)

Dad pretending to be all artistic with the fancy camera. (Max)

Duuuuuuude, is that, like, the special cereal? lol
Zachary's stoner eyes crack me up.


Wait... I think I'm full now.


My first bite of big-boy food. Not quite sure what to make of this quite yet... (Zachary)

I HAVE FOUND MY HANDS! (Zachary (Max has found his hands, too!))

Entranced by dangly-stuffs from the playset. (Zachary)

We took the boys to Munsinger Gardens in Saint Cloud and I took this picture - thought it was pretty neat. No other reason to post it. :-D

All he needed was a pint of Guinness and a bowl of pretzels and we had this night locked down.

Thanks to everyone that has followed this blog for so long - if there is enough interest I will continue to post pictures as they get older!


Anonymous said...

So glad you shared some photos of your handsome men! Isn't it sad that they're growing so fast?!? They are just precious!

Dustin said...

It really is amazing how fast they grow up - this baby stage sure doesn't last long. It feels like it was just yesterday they were little five pounders.

Toni said...

Wow, your boys are definitly getting big! My Maddie is 5 months old she's just now reaching 3/6 months clothes. :)

I just found your blog from FB, I hope you dont mind that I follow.


Alyssa Arlen said...

Dustin, keep posting pics here! There is interest! :)