Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi Blog Friends,

I am sorry I didn't update this after Zachary's appointment last week. He does NOT need a helmet. He has something fancy, I can not think of it right now, pol---cephaly. Anyway, it means that the side of his head his flat, basically from sleeping on his back and being squooshed in utero. The plastic surgeon said that he would not recommend a helmet. We do need to put him on his back so he looks to the left, his right side is flat. Now, you all remember the Zachary TV stories, so clearly, now that his TV watching is "therapy" he enjoys it rather well. He doesn't get to watch TV alot, but when he does, he gets put on his side. :) That should fix it. If for cosmetic reasons, at 8 months, we don't like the shape of his head, we can go to Gillette and get the helmet.

The boys are teething and it his HELL at our house. I feel so helpless. Zachary has never felt pain, and he literally can not handle it. He throws himself back, kicks, screams. Just like a child having a tantrum. It is so sad. You can hardly hold him to calm him down. Maxy knows about pain from his reflux, but he also gets into these crying bits. Dustin does so well with them. He has an unbelievable amount of patience. Of course, as their mother, I just want to hold them and take it all away. I certainly want these damn bottom teeth to poke through!

The boys are growing and changing every day. It is such a joy to watch them grow. They are really starting to notice each other. Which is ridiculously fun. Right now, they coo at each other and grab at each other. Max is always trying to pull at Zachary's face. :)

We were also blessed by a special "angel" friend this weekend. I came home from work to find a package inside the door with a cute fall decoration, candles, a card and $250 gift card to Target. I can not even find the words. I am still so shocked, blessed, overwhelmed and so many other things. We are so, so thankful to Arlyn & Amanda Wall, my sister Betsy's in-laws. What a selfless, generous gift. It is expensive having two babies. The latest financial figure is that it costs $11,000 to raise a baby the first year. That doubled is $22,000.

Every thing that people have done for us is so appreciated. I never have been good at accepting gifts, I never, ever know what to say because "Thank You" seems so insufficient. I can promise that giving is the best thing in the world. I can not wait to do for someone else what The Wall's did for us. Whether it is making a meal, sending a note, a gift, thoughts, watching the boys, etc. Those things all mean so much and make our job of being parents to the most amazing twins a little easier.

Love you,



Dustin said...

I think "HELL" is a bit dramatic. lol

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see how well the boys are doing. They are absolutely adorable. It sounds like you all have adjusted well. I LOVE seeing the photos. Hope to come by after this semester for another visit. Take care~ Missy