Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 month Well-Child Checks

We're home from our four month well-child check at the clinic. We still completely adore our pediatrician, Dr. Guertin. She is so sweet. She has twins and sees a ton of twins. She is going to give our name to some other twin mommy's & daddy's to see about starting a "Mothers of Multiples" group in Princeton. In May, our boys were the 5th set of twins born at Fairview!

Maxwell is proud to announce that he FINALLY weighs more than Zachary. He has always been lagging a few ounces behind. Today, Max weighed 17 lbs. 8 ounces with Zach weighing 17 lbs. 7 ounces. They are both 26" long. I can't remember how big their heads are. I know Maxy has a smaller head, but they are both in the 80th percentile for head circumference. They are over 90% for height and weight with their actual age. They are so big that we no longer have to do adjusted age because they were preemies. GO BABIES!

They are different in so many ways too. Max is a little more fragile. His feelings get hurt easier and he wants to cuddle and be held. Zach is very much a "big" brother, always watching what Max does. We have a new babysitter, who we adore, and she told us how cute it was that whenever she does anything with Max, how Zachary watches her every mood. :)

There really wasn't anything else at the appointment to discuss. We are going to make an appointment to have a plastic surgeon look at Zach's head. It has a little flat spot on the back, thank you- back to sleep program & big babies... Our doctor didn't think a helmet was needed, but still said we could see the "expert."

They are napping now & I think I'll join them.

<3, Sara

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Deanna said...

I saw your blog on the Multiples and More site, and I had to come say hello! I had twin girls born April 2, and it's fun to catch up with other parents at about the same stage. I can't believe your boys are a month younger than my girls-they're so big!! You have some future heartbreakers! : )