Monday, November 9, 2009

6 months

Oh! What a dork my husband is, but I love him. And yes, all faith has been restored in the cell phone Gods.

The boys were 6 months old on Friday. I will get Dustin to post the pictures soon. They are so adorable and amaze us more each day. They are playing with their toys, feet, us, each other. They really like to figure stuff out. Maxy is a little more intricate in play. Zachary is rolling all over. I can not believe how fast the first 1/2 of their 1st year has gone! What a joy to be their mamma.

Grandma Nancy bought us a second crib, so they are no longer co-sleeping. :( I think I am sadder than that then they are. Wait, I know that they are not sad about it because there have been no more kicks to the head. However, last night, before I went to work, I went into kiss them goodbye and they were each in their own cribs, curled up into little balls in the corner of their respectable crib. Lol. I guess they are just so used to having to share. It was the sweetest thing. I carefully put them in the middle of the mattress with a kiss and a giggle.

Tomorrow we are going to Fairview Elk River for their 6 month well-child check with Dr. Guertin. They get a bunch of immunizations. I am not sure if the clinic will have the seasonal flu vaccine or H1N1, or what we will choose to do. We will certainly follow Dr. Amy's recommendation. It is such a big decision. We are ALL about vaccines though. I went to Little Falls on Friday and received the H1N1 mist. At least I am protected.

I have no idea what they weigh, I think we are pushing 23 lbs. They are so healthy and big, that sometimes, people forget that they were little 35 week old preemies. I haven't forgotten, especially in the wake of cold and flu season. We have had to make some tough choices about holidays, outings, etc. We literally take them no where. I am terrified of what this flu could do to them.

I will update tomorrow. Both boys have had breakfast (oatmeal and cereal), I have done manis and pedis on 40 little nails, and Maxy is bathed and smelling wonderful. Zachary is up next, his feet are sweaty! :)

Love you, Sara


KarmaPearl said...

Thanks for the update Sara. Can't wait to see the latest pictures of the boys!

The H1N1 vaccine really is a hard decision to make. I'm not getting it, but I know a lot of folks who have and who have gotten it for their little ones. Hugs to you all!

Kimmygintx said...

Yay for six months! Thanks for the update- can't wait to see the latest pics. :)