Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Month Well Child Checks

So, I was suppose to blog this earlier, but the end of my week became really busy with life. :)

First, our well-child check went perfectly. The boys received 5 immunizations, 4 shots & 1 oral. They were such troopers. It helps that they have such great thighs (inherited from mommy, of course!) We DID get our boys the H1N1 vaccine. Thinking about it, if they would get sick from something that we could have prevented, how would I EVER forgive myself? Over 100 children have died. It is 2009, children should NOT have to DIE from Influenza. I got the mist & Dustin also got the shot at the boy's appointment. We are a H1N1 vaccinated home! :)

The boys are growing so well. Both over 90th percent for height, weight and head circumference. We aren't positive that their weight was taken accurately, but, Zachary weighs 20 lbs. 4 oz. and is 28 1/4" long and Maxwell weighs 20 lbs. 10 oz. and is 27 3/4" long. They are growing boys.

Our only concern was the way Zachary breathes. Sometimes, he is SO loud and almost wheezy. He never turns blue or cries for the sole purpose to breathe, so Dr. Guertin wasn't concerned. She thought his nasal passages were on the small side of normal (something he certainly got from his daddy), but there is nothing that we would do about it now.

We will go back in a month to get the H1N1 booster and hopefully the seasonal Influenza vaccine. They didn't have that when we were there on Tuesday. The boys were so good. Zachary got jealous when Max was being examined. But, Zachy did get to go to the front desk with Dustin to register and he got his fair amount of flirting in with the office staff.

The boys are doing so much. They constantlybabble, coo and giggle. They are sleeping separately now, which is going very well. They are taking naps, in their cribs. :) They are rolling all over, especially Zachary. Max does very well with fine motor. He is always finding out how to play with his toys intricately. He will spin them, etc. Zachary is more of a brute when it comes to playtime.

They both go to bed like little angels, but for some reason, Zachary thinks that after Max goes to bed, it his his time to clown around. He usually gets to stay up later. But, after all, he is older. LOL. I told him the other day that he sure gets away with a lot of shit because of one minute! :)

We ordered them new car seats last night, they have outgrown their carriers. We also are going to other bath chairs. It isn't really working to bathe them in the little tub in the sink anymore. Especially since they LOVE to kick and play in the water!

Today, after Dustin gets home, we are going to take their Christmas card picture. OMG. It is going to be so so so cute! I am PUMPED. :) I hope the boys are too and we actually get some smiles. Maxy HATES the camera, and he usually will NOT smile. I don't know what it is, but he is this amazingly happy child and he looks miserable in every photo we have. Maybe he is shy about his teeth? :) He has two on the bottom and is getting two on the top. Zachary has one and a half teeth.

I will add a picture from Halloween. Maxy was a Bumblebee (because he was baby B, fitting, right?) And Zachary was a chicken, for no particular reason. I wanted them to be pea pods, as in "Two Peas In a Pod" but they didn't fit into the costumes.

The boys are taking their "after breakfast/after bath" morning nap, so, I better scoot into the shower while I can. I got my haircut last week and LOVE it! (Thank you Donna!) It is so fast, easy and fun.

All our love to all of you,

The Grieser's

Dustin, Sara, Zachary & Maxy


Anonymous said...

We outgrew our carriers, too, and the girls love the big car seats so much better! Now they can look out the windows! Glad your boys are doing so well! Their costumes were adorable!

KarmaPearl said...

I cannot BELIEVE your boys are 6 months old. And they look SO CUTE in those costumes!!!!!