Tuesday, August 10, 2010

our 1st hospitalization

Just wanted to send a little update on our Maxy.

Last Thursday, he was up a lot during the night, had a fever, but had got better when he laid down in his crib. He had a fever during the night, up to 103.3, but he is getting 8 (!) teeth and we weren't really positive on the reasoning. His behavior was a little sluggish, but all in all, he was ok.

On Friday, he woke up and while I was changing his diaper, he put his hand up and on his left ring finger, he had a huge blister. It looked the size of a grape and was full of thick, green pus. He still had a fever, and was miserable. He didn't injure it, that we knew of, and we literally had NO idea what was going on.

I found a babysitter for Zach, and tried to take Max into the urgent care. They wouldn't look at him with a fever that high. We tried to get into the regular clinic (all in Princeton) and they were full. The triage nurse finally brought him to the ER, after he screamed in the waiting room for over 40 minutes. Dustin's mom, Nancy came up to take care of Zach and were were going to try to find out what was going on with Maxy.

When we walked into the ER, his fever was 105.6. They checked it later and it was going down, to 104.2. The doctor was sure he had strep throat from daycare (... Max doesn't go to daycare!!) The ER doc had no idea why his fever was so high, but since he did have staph infection in his right hand in December, she decided to put him on Septra and send us home.

He had an ok weekend. He still had a very high fever, but it would come down with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. We were draining his finger every morning, so he could use it... we were soaking it, etc. He wasn't using it and refused to really play.

On Monday morning, Mom was planning on coming anyway, she got there and now his finger was turning black, smelled of rotting flesh and he had a red streak going up his hand. I called our regular doctor, who was booked, but offered to see him anyway during lunch. Mom stayed with Zach and we ran down to Elk River. Max didn't have a fever, but he did have a NASTY infection. The doctor admitted us right from the clinic to the Princeton hospital. They started him on IV Vancomycin every six hours and an oral antibiotics.

It looks like we will be here again tonight. They are thinking that it may be some kind of Strep got in his finger, not Staph. (Staph will not send a red streak up the arm.) Zach is at mom & dad's and loving it. (The kitchen cupboards don't have safety locks on them! Imagine the fun!) Just wanted to let you know what is going on with our little boy and his poor finger.

Dustin is here with me today. My little client is back in the hospital, so I wouldn't be working anyway. Nancy, Dustin's mom came up last night and Mom or Betsy is going to bring Zach up here today. Emma is planning a visit too.


Anonymous said...

That's just aweful, Sara! I cannot imagine what you're going through! We are praying for Max! Please keep us updated!

Nicole said...

Poor baby! No wonder he is miserable, after going through all of that AND getting eight teeth at once. Im so sorry about his finger, that is terrible! I hope they figure out what kind of infection he has... and that it can get better ASAP, so that you can all be at home together again. I know how exhausting it can be to stay up most of the night in the hospital, and then have to go back and forth from one kid to the other.... Take care of yourself, and little Max too!

Kimmygintx said...

Aww! Hope Maxy is back home now and doing better. How scary!