Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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I am thinking I want to blog more. Basically, I am annoyed with Facebook and I have been horrible at keeping up on baby books... I haven't even printed the boy's pictures off since 3 mo. If it wasn't for my sister, Betsy, we would have NO recent pictures of the boys. Nor would family members. Thanks, Bets. You would think that she has it easier than me, so she can print off more pictures. Not exactly true. She has a 3 year old boy, 2 year old boy and a 5 week old baby girl. Yeah, she has way more time than me! ;)

Fall classes started for me yesterday. I actually did homework last night, so I am off to a good start. I hate when I am in school though... I look around the house like I have so much to do... and I end up doing nothing. I never really used to procrastinate, and I don't actually. I just know that it is pointless to scrub the floor weekly, when the boys are just going to drop their sippy cups off the high chair trays in 30 minutes. Our house is clean, but not spotless.

I remember reading when I was pregnant that it isn't good to have EVERYTHING germ free. Kids actually get sick more. This recent thing with Maxy's finger has really had me wondering. Am I too clean? Am I not clean enough? Do I let them eat more dirt? Less dirt? I had a little break down with the pediatrician about this. I was feeling so bad about myself and my parenting/housekeeping/motherhood skills. He reassured me that it was normal to have these kinds of bugs on your fingers. That poor Maxy just had bad luck. Yeah, I'd say.

But, I will say that he is getting much better. His finger is healing, but he is using it again. I have been watching that closer, in case I would need to work with him on some PT/OT type things, but he seems to be bouncing back pretty well. That is what I love about kiddos. They bounce back so well.

Momma, not so much. I am still feeling the effects from living in the hospital. Not sleeping, not showering, etc. Dustin & Zachary got some nasty bug when we got home. Also a combination of not sleeping. I am now studying on homeostasis for school. How we need homeostasis for our body and how we respond to stress either leads to wellness or illness.

The boys are so resilient though and so fun. Max has started feeding me his snacks. LOL. He will pick up his cereal and put it in my mouth, like a thank you. And Zachary, well, that kid! He will snuggle in, kiss my cheek, act like he is watching TV or something and then, take my glasses off my face! I love watching them grow into little gentlemen.

I think we are going to attempt to play outside today. We haven't really been doing much of that. It is too hard when they run in opposite directions and our swing set was really damaged in the last storm. Not to mention that the sand box has about 6" of rain water in it. It stormed while Maxy was admitted, so I guess that makes sense on the lack of maintenance.

Well, enough procrastinating and back to reality. Aka: dishes, laundry and vacuuming during naptime.

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