Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Pictures.

In the tub, with their clothes on... Very excited for bath time! (Zachary (left) is obviously obsessed with eating things, don't worry, he didn't get any toothpaste. I haven't had to call poison control since the magazine eating incident when they were 6 mo. old.)

New wagon and new sweatshirts for Christmas. They have their names on the back, Zach (right) is "Thing 1", Max (left) is "Thing 2."
(Notice the attempt to climb out of the wagon and the little brush in his mouth--one of the reasons we have few pictures of them together, we can not get them to stay still long enough!)

Our Maxy Baby

Of course Zachary would wear the Santa hat. This kid has cried at bedtime until he got his fisherman's hat and wore it all night long!

Maxwell with Baby Brinley's pacifier. (Then I wonder how we got sick after Christmas!)

Zachary LOVES cranberries. He is sitting in Brinley's BRAND NEW high chair. (Sorry baby, we kind of destroyed your things... but we still aren't used to not being the babies at Grandma and Grandpa Hoheisel's!)

Our beautiful family.
Dustin, Max, Sara & Zach

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Anonymous said...

Wow! They've gotten so big and so handsome!! Looks like y'all had a GREAT Christmas!!