Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Night Dance Party!

I promised I would keep this better updated, and I failed. I am juggling a lot, loving it all. The boys are growing, healthy and happy. They are both the same height and weight (36 lbs.) I'd have to double check their heights, but it is certainly over 36".

I am attaching a video of some "Saturday Night Fever." Last night, the boys climbed up and turned on the radio (a daily activity), but last night, I had my smartphone ready to record. Their favorite song is Michael Jackson's "Thriller" but, this country song came in a close second.

Zach put on my socks and he has his shirt over his jammies. He needs to wear jammies for naptime, or else he ends up naked with God knows what smeared in his crib. I am not taking that risk every day, so, he sleeps with his jammies on, backwards. Normally, he is dressed a little more stylish. ;)

Maxy makes a camo appearance, sans pants.

Sorry it's sideways. ;)

Much love always.


Anonymous said...

OMG! They're SO big! Glad you posted the video and an update! Happy Holidays :)

Erika said...

Too cute!