Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Belly!

Here it is! The first "belly pic!" It just kind of popped out today! I got up, went to the bathroom and was kind of like, Wow!! I have a belly!

It also looks like I have a lamp coming out of my belly, you'll have to forgive me, I am new to this whole thing!

I sold a dresser on Craigslist this morning that was in the nursery, I am trying to make as much room in there as possible before we paint! We picked a color today... I will keep it a surprise until it's done.

Today is Week 12. Praise God!

Love, Sara & Dustin and the Twins.


DiAnne said...


Tracy said...

aaawww, that is a great picture!

The Batson Family... said...

Ok, are the cutest pregnant woman, EVER!!! :)