Sunday, February 15, 2009

24w, 1d - belly picture

Hello Blog Followers-- I am sorry I didn't post these yesterday, at 24w, 0d. I have been so exhausted. You can ask Dustin, I sleep all the time. We came home from birthing classes yesterday, I fell asleep on the couch from 4:30 p.m.-9 p.m., then, I went to bed from 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. I am WAY more tired now than I EVER was in the first trimester. I napped again this afternoon, and apparently stole all the blankets. (Sorry Honey...) I wish I wasn't so tired to do more, I guess I will just wait until I get that "nesting" burst of energy right before the babies come.

We enjoyed birthing class, like Dustin, I was a little sorry NO ONE else talked. We were the only ones to ask questions, etc. It was kind of disappointing in that regard, but the instructor was really good, she had twins via C-Section at 37 weeks. I bet she maybe weighed 105 lbs., I really wonder where those babies hung out for nine months! I knew a lot of what she was talking about, but I did learn some new things. I was really impressed with the birthplace. I just hope we can deliver there and not the University, but we will do whatever is best for the boys.

The babies are kicking all the time now, it is so fun. They love to hear other babies laughing, they go crazy! We haven't been around our nephews lately because they have had the flu, but I can't wait to see them and see what the boys do when Ethan & Owen laugh. We were just listening to videos on You Tube and definitely the craziest they have ever been. I actually can feel the difference now, and last night, after a bad dream about zombies, Max kicked me for probably an hour!

Notice that Dustin posted the boys names. Zach is baby A and Max is baby B.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully most of you get a nice vacation day tomorrow. I don't have school, but with the amount of sleep I have been craving, I doubt I will even notice the break.

Big Hugs & Love to All, Sara


Haley & Rich said...

love the names!! too cute!!

Kimmygintx said...

You're 24 weeks already?! Wow, time sure does fly! =:0