Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 weeks!!

Wow, Did I ever think I would be typing this blog and posting my 25 week belly picture?! It is so nice to finally be able to breathe a little and know that all will be ok... I remember oh so vividly just 13 weeks ago, when I thought I would never get through the 1st trimester with this pregnancy and now I am only 3 weeks away from the 3rd trimester! Wow. I am thrilled!

I even was able to pack up the doppler from last night. Now that the boys are moving like crazy and at 25 weeks, if I am really worried about them, I will need to call labor & delivery instead of frantically trying to find their heartbeats. That $25/month doppler was without a doubt my saving grace so many days. To hear that thump, thump, thump; absolutely priceless.

Here is the belly picture: ENJOY!

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The Batson Family... said...

More beautiful than ever!!! :)