Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Although all I do is complain...

I am writing this post to first bump that picture down! My goodness, I should have looked in the mirror! I have been having issues with my hair lately, Dustin got his cut tonight and I need to follow suit. I have this growing belly, which I know is what you are all looking at, not my hair...

I am finally starting to get all the comments from strangers. At the eye doctor, the lady says to me, "Oh! You must be ready to have a baby any day!" No... I am due in June. BIG EYES... I reply, I am having twins. Lady, "You are going to be so BUSY!" Really? You are a brainiac. We know we are going to be busy. We don't need everyone and their uncle reitirating that to us every two seconds. It is kind of rude first of all... And second, to anyone who has ever dealt with a loss, do you know what the JOY contains of having TWO babies? We prayed feverishly for ONE and God has blessed us with twins. I don't really care how "busy" we are going to be!

And yes, I complain, a lot. Not because I am not grateful, because I am, more than my fingers could ever type. I am one of few, a Mother of Multiples. I get to feel TWO babies growing in side of me. We are going to raise TWIN boys. The thought of it excites me more than I could explain. And yeah, I whine. I am tired. I am trying to do too much. I can't tie my shoes anymore or see my feet. I am getting my first pregnancy stretch marks, despite using the "pregnancy" lotion. My hips hurt. I have heartburn. I am still puking. My back hurts. My feet hurt. I can't walk up the stairs without running out of breath.

But, I wouldn't trade it for a second. And just because I complain does not mean that I am ungrateful. Tonight, the boys were kicking up a storm, and I put Dustin's hand on my tummy and they kicked at him for a while. The glimmer in his eyes and he played with his sons for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes. The fact that we are giving this gift to each other and to the world, it blows my mind.

Before I go, I ask for special prayers for Dustin's uncle, Damon. He has always been a great uncle and very close to Dusty, he is having a bypass surgery tomorrow on his leg and we pray for success. He is young, the youngest Grieser, and has dealt with diabetes for many years all ready.

Hopefully, this isn't full of too many errors. For whatever reason, the spell check isn't working, nor are my eyes. I haven't slept for about 20 hours... and haven't slept for more than 2 hours since Saturday night. Oh! I know! How much longer can I do that?! Until Dr. Roberts says ENOUGH! I see her again on Friday, Feb. 27th.

Sleep Tight. Kiss your babies, rub your tummies.
Lots of Love,
The Mommy and the twins in my tummy


karmapearl said...

This was such a sweet post. I think that you look BEAUTIFUL Sara. You have such an adorable bump :)

Alyssa Arlen said...

Get some much deserved SLEEP, Mama! And I love the names, thanks for sharing!