Saturday, December 6, 2008

14 week belly pictures


So, I apologize that these aren't the best pictures. but I took them by myself. I am home alone, Dustin is at work again. My belly is certainly getting bigger, my uterus is measuring at 20 weeks. Lots of growing by all.


karmapearl said...

You (three) look great!!!

Nicole said...

Nice baby bump :) You're looking really good, Sara! I know that measuring bigger is standard for twin pregnancies, but I hope it doesnt get too uncomfortable for you later on, especially in the 3t!
Glad to hear all is well... Well, other than the barfing-in-the-car incident.
Take care of yourself and those babies!


The Batson Family... said...

Awwww...Sara you look AMAZING! (As usual!) :) Love the belly pics!!!