Monday, December 29, 2008

17 week Belly Pictures

Just posting a few belly pics from the weekend! I can not believe I am 17 weeks pregnant! I am (finally) starting to feel better. I have felt the babies move, which is the coolest feeling, I can't even describe it!

Dustin deserves the "Super Dad" award for his work on the nursery this weekend! I am so proud of him! He got the entire thing painted and is working on putting up the rest of the base board & changing the fixtures. Our house was a mortgage foreclosure, and the nursery was BRIGHT blue when we moved in and the trim had been removed when they painted & never replaced. He worked so hard on it and it looks AMAZING! I can't wait to put two little babies in their new room!

I go to the doctor tomorrow at 3 p.m. for my 3 week check-up (which got pushed to almost 4 weeks because of the holidays). I will post after that.

Hugs, Sara

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