Saturday, December 20, 2008

16 weeks

Here I am, this morning at 16 weeks. Am I looking pregnant yet?

Feeling good, still vomiting. I switched to a new prenatal, with fish oil, oh yeah, that is REALLY helping with the nausea. :)

We are getting ready for Christmas, still no tree, we might just skip it this year. I know I will never be skipping a Christmas tree again!

And, I got a B in Chemistry & either an A or B in my Drug class. I am so excited about it, I could scream! YAY!

I am really looking forward to things now. I finally feel like these babies are going to make it, they are going to keep growing, their hearts are going to keep beating and we will actually get two at the end. I just feel so blessed! We have so much coming up, our ultrasound, baby showers (2-28 and one in March), and of course, the birth... It still seems surreal, but I am so extremely thankful.

Hugs to All from the Belly!

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