Thursday, December 11, 2008

14 weeks, 5 days

Hello All Blog Readers,

I am sure this post won't be as exciting as the ones from my lovely, sweet, nurturing husband. I am the one carrying the babies though, so maybe that will give me a little added bonus!

I have been having some nasty pain the last few days. It starts in my groin and goes up towards my hips. It is worse on the right side. Today, I have a similar pain, on my left ovary. The groin pain (oh, I know you are all so excited to read about this!) is round ligament pain from growing and stretching and my uterus getting bigger and bigger to carry these babies. I would imagine that the ovary is just getting squished.

I took some Tylenol last night which took the pain away completely. I don't really love to take medicine, but at some point, the choice is really out of my hands.

I am trying to drink lots of water. I even add some flavor to it occasionally. I am not a fan of water or anything at this point, but I know of course that it isn't for me.

We have names picked out for all possibilities! B/B, G/G, B/G!!! I won't share them yet. ;)

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Nicole said...

Sorry about the RLP. I sometimes get sciatic nerve pain, and I know that isn't fun, either.

I hate drinking water too. Its just so boring and bland, and makes you feel bloated. Yuck. With my first pregnancy, I drank flavored water every day. These days, I've been trying to disguise my water with apple-cider flavoring.

Congrats on picking out names! That can be a really hard thing to do (DH and I NEVER agree on baby names!), so I'm glad you've decided already, and that you'll be ready for any of the possiblities.

I like the idea of keeping your favorite names secret for awhile longer, too.