Sunday, January 11, 2009

19 Weeks

What a week we have had! We are so relieved to know that the little ones are BOYS! We went to a movie on Friday night (Gran Torino, you all MUST, MUST go see it. May be the best movie ever), in the movie theater entryway was the ever popular group of preteen girls gushing and being little drama queens. Oh, I was thankful I will never have to worry about that!!! Plus, I am enough of a drama queen for this whole house & I carry the estrogen of four girls, so, we're good with boys & testosterone!

We are even more relieved to know that they are healthy. They are getting enough blood from their placentas, they are BIG (even bigger than singletons at this point), and so much fun! We named them this week too, with names we are going to stick with. Maybe after the engine poll is over, we will have you guess on the poll what their names will be. :)

I am feeling good, my nausea is almost gone, and I am hungry again. Eating good but not gaining a ton of weight (just what I should be!)

We have a lot coming up, birthing classes on 2-14, lactation class on 2-23, baby showers on 2-28 & 3-28. The nursery is almost finished, we bought the crib bedding yesterday. We have been washing the clothes and putting all the pink clothes into the "girl box." It is going back to my sister, Betsy. She also has two boys & she is just going to have to find a place for it!!

School starts tomorrow, it'll be good to pass the time & keep those babies occupied in the oven! I want them in there until 38 weeks!

Thanks for following our little blog!
Love, Sara

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