Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Ultrasound!

Sorry for the delay on the 18 week picture, here it is! Here is a picture of the little twins from the outside, this afternoon, we will hopefully be able to post pictures of the cuties from the inside!

Our big ultrasound is at 1 or 1:30 p.m. at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center at the University of Minnesota. It should take around 2 hours. They need to look at everything, growth, brains, organs, their little hearts, how they are situated, how I am carrying them and if they cooperate, if they are boys/girls/or one of each!

I am so excited, nervous, scared, etc. I keep thinking about our ultrasound with Sammie, when the tech freaked out and turned the screen and wouldn't show us anything. We didn't know why then, but now, of course it was because she didn't have a heartbeat. At the U, they have a flat screen on the wall, that shows the ultrasound, so Mommy & Daddy can comfortably watch what the tech is doing.

Dustin is at work for a couple more minutes & I need to run to the bank, so I better close, but rest assured that we will post when we get home!

Love to All,
The Grieser's

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karmapearl said...

So excited to see how everything goes!!! I'll be thinking about you!