Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

I thought I should update this, we have been fairly busy and not so busy the last few days. Dustin has almost completed the nursery. He wants to paint the ceiling and we need to shampoo the carpet. We can then put the crib together and start waiting for babies. I am ok waiting as close to their due date as possible. We did order a crib divider yesterday and a print about twins to hang on the wall, too cute.

We ended 2008 with a sad note, as Dustin's cousin, Isaac Hall, lost his three year battle to Leukemia. He was 8 years old. He has been struggling and fighting for years. On Monday, the doctors had a care conference with the family and informed them that there was nothing else they could do to sustain Isaac's life. He was brought home around 1 p.m. via ambulance on Tuesday and passed away Wednesday evening, at 6:10 p.m., on New Year's Eve. The services are Monday night in Nebraska, but we will not be able to make it, as our ultrasound appointment is Tuesday.

We are saddened by his death, but overjoyed at the thought that finally, Isaac is in Heaven. No more needles, no more hospitals, no more dialysis, no more surgeries, etc. His little body endured more than I could ever think of. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to watch over your child for years, devoting everything you have to trying to cure the illness, and then, letting God take your child to Heaven.

I continue to feel ok. I really have needed to cut back on what I have been doing... The protein in the urine scared me. I need to focus on keeping these babies healthy. No matter what. I also am probably going to need help, which I have never been great about asking for, but, my time is coming where I need to say, "Yep, I need help."

We are counting down the days to the Ultrasound. I think we have a little boy and a little girl in there, but it really doesn't matter, I just need to be reassured that everyone is well and get some direction on the rest of the pregnancy. Our regular peri doesn't work on Tues. We will be seeing Dr. Rauk, another high-risk OB.

Hugs, Sara

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