Sunday, January 25, 2009

21 weeks

Good Morning!

I can't believe we are at 21 weeks all ready, but I am so glad that is where we are! I have had a little nausea/vomiting return, but, not as bad as before. I have been pretty hungry, but still managing to keep my weight right where it should be!

As far as the boys, their hearts are still beating and they are growing all the time. They hate when I go to school. They fight, kick, squirm, whatever it is that they do in there! I am so uncomfortable by the time I get out, I can hardly stand up!! I don't know what it is that gets to them, maybe they think they are too little for college.

Dustin has been amazing, working on all kinds of little projects. He has been cleaning the carpets and vacuuming, two things that I can't do. He is such an amazing husband and a great Dad. He finally was able to feel the babies from the outside this morning. I was so glad that he could share in that. It is such an amazing feeling.

Last night, we went out to my parents to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. It certainly was another great time with great food!! The time out there goes way too fast, but we enjoy every second of it!

I got really tired about 1/2 way through our evening, that seems to be the general theme of everything we do. I am really great, and then, I just get exhausted and crabby. My narcolepsy is nearly out of control at times, but, I am still going to refrain from caffeine. I have done it this long, why start now?

That's really all I've got. Our baby shower invitations are out and they are simply adorable! I am so thankful to our friend Julie for making them and to Betsy, Emma and Mom for all their work. I am from a really big family, and we sent the shower invites to my aunts & first cousins, but please know that all second/third cousins are welcomed to come, we just didn't have enough room to write it out on the envelope. :)

Enjoy the growing belly pic!

Love to All,

Sara, Dustin, Twin A and Twin B

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