Sunday, March 1, 2009

26 weeks, 1 day & Appointment Update


I apologize for not posting sooner. I have been so busy. I know I always say that, but last week really was crazy insane. I didn't really sleep much last week, I was very nervous for our baby shower. I never really feel comfortable being the center of attention or having people look at me. Everyone who came to my shower, thank you. I truly felt so loved and am still overwhelmed at the turn out and the amount of generosity shown to our family. Thank you. Those words do not give my feelings justice, because honestly, there are not enough words for me to express how I feel. Be sure to scroll down and look at the pictures Dustin posted from the shower.

I went to the doctor on Friday, Feb. 27th for my 3 week check up and gestational diabetes test. I have gained 13 lbs. total (average weight gain for a single pregnancy at 26 weeks is 16-22 pounds). My blood pressure was 110/78, other vital signs perfect. I passed the gestational diabetes test with a 124 (normal is between 60-140)! I also had my hemoglobin checked, which was 12.8. I had some protein in my urine, but Dr. Roberts stated that it was because I had an early morning appointment and that is considered very normal. The boys moved SO much after the sugary drink, they just kicked and kicked and moved! It was so cool! I was waiting in the waiting room, just giggling every time they would kick and move around! :)

We will go to the University on March 18th for our next Level II ultrasound for a growth check. If everything looks great and checks out ok, I won't have to go to the University anymore and will be able to do the ultrasounds in Princeton. I actually really like going to the U, the set up is so nice and the techs are amazing, so, I certainly would be sad to miss that, but for convince, it would be nice to have everything taken care of in town.

Thank you again to all of you, for everything. It means so much to us, we can't even explain our gratitude for the prayers, love and support that we receive.

Love you All, Sara


Nicole said...

Sounds like everything is going great for you and the boys. Your last appt sounds totally perfect, all those numbers are great! Even your weight gain is below average! Im so glad!!!
I know what you mean about feeling awkward and uncomfortable at the baby shower. We recently had a "homecoming" party for Aliah, and I felt pretty uncomfortable being honored like that, and receiving gifts and everything. I never know how to be gracios about it, like I cant quite say or do the right things.

The Batson Family... said...

I am so glad that everything is going well. I think about you and the boys everyday!!! :) I am glad that the shower went well and you got all the good stuff!!! ;) Take it easy, get some rest....