Tuesday, March 31, 2009

30 week Update and Goodbye Gallbladder!

What a week we've had. First, to talk about the weather. It is snowing like crazy outside. I guess March really is going "out like a lion." I am getting very sick of the cold and snow. Mostly driving in it. I just want it to be nice & to see some sunshine. I think that is a pretty small request, if only Mother Nature would cooperate.

We had a wonderful baby shower on Saturday. I continue to be amazed at the love and generosity people have showed to us. This shower was at my Mother-In-Laws, thrown by Grandma Nancy & Auntie Maggie. It was so fun! The prizes were all in twos! So cute! I also was lucky enough to have my sisters, nephews & mom come to the shower. It was a lot of fun to have everyone there. The boys are so blessed in so many ways to have such a great extended family. The following pictures are of Uncle Dustin and Owen and the centerpieces from the shower.

He's such a great uncle and an amazing Daddy!

I have still been having a little issue with the gallbladder, I have changed my diet, which has helped some, but I continue to have "attacks." I went to see the surgeon this morning in Princeton, Dr. Pietrifizza, and he recommended gallbladder removal. It will come out 3 months after the babies are born, I will just have to wait that long. We don't want to do it now, because I am so big, they couldn't even get to the gallbladder & would need to open me up. I would have a very high chance of a spontaneous abortion with that scenario. (Which was never really an option for us anyway). I asked about taking it out right after delivery/C-Section and he suggested against that. Basically because then you have two different things that could cause complications. He actually said that if I had a C-Section, they would have to take the babies first, then fill me with air to do the laproscopic surgery and it gets pretty messy. The other option would be to cut me basically from my chest to my pelvis and do one big open abdominal surgery. Not really what I am looking for...

So, we will wait three months after delivery for the laproscopic gallbladder surgery. It can be scheduled in July for the end of August.

My weight was good today, up a little bit, I think 3 lbs. from 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure was a little higher at 130/80. Still not bad, but certainly up from where it has been. I kind of figured that, since my shoes no longer fit and even my Crocs are tight. And my fingers have turned into little sausages.

The boys are good, they continue to kick and squirm as soon as their daddy comes home. They are getting bigger and their movements are more abrupt, I don't really feel a lot of the little bumps and moves like I did.

I have my next OB appointment on Thursday morning at 10 a.m. with Dr. Roberts. We will update then.

I will leave you with the 30 week belly picture. Grow belly, grow!

Love, Sara

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Kimmygintx said...

Woohoo! Sorry you have to wait for the gallbladder-ectomy :( but from what you have said it looks to be for the better. Can't wait for your next update! ;) Hope all goes well.