Thursday, March 19, 2009

And, All is well.

Holy, What a day! I went on bed rest, off of bed rest; was planning surgery, no surgery; preparing for labor, no labor; had a shortening cervix, no shortening of the cervix. My brain is seriously spinning still at all the this or that talk and change of plans today.

We went to the University, had the ultrasound. We will post pictures later. The boys are great. Zach is head down, 3 lbs. 2 oz. and looking great. Max is breech, 3 lbs. and also very healthy. Squooshed as squooshed can be. Poor little ducky has a knee in his nose. They are very close, the septum that divides them looks like it takes up 1/2 of Zach's face because Maxwell's butt is RIGHT there. Crazy kiddos.

My cervix is NOT thinning. The length looked good. I do NOT look like I will go into labor ANY time soon. I do NOT need to be on bed rest. Everything is fine & healthy. I should keep doing what I am doing.

I do have gallstones. It took the tech a little manuevering to find my gallbladder. She saw one big stone instead of lots of little ones, like last night. It still hurts so bad, but I am not in any immediate danger. My blood work was all normal, nothing to worry about with that. If I get a fever or go into a severe attack, then, they will consider surgery. Otherwise, I just need to deal with the pain, nausea and vomitting until they are delivered.

Honestly, I think those last three things will hinder what I do more than anything and make me a wreck. I don't have as high of a pain tolerance as I like to think I do. So, lots and lots of rest. I have some Zofran, an antinausea medicine for the vomiting.

So, I am just hanging out. Going to continue the crazy schedule that I have been doing until I imagine I just fall over. I am so thankful everything is well and healthy. Now, I just need to pray that the gallbladder doesn't attack or whatever it does.

I went from threatened hospital bed rest to absolutely nothing in 8 hours. Dustin is exhausted. I have been asleep on the couch for the last three hours... What a day!

Sweet Dreams, Sara


Tracy said...

Sara - I read your two previous updates on a short breather at work today and wanted to post. I am so glad that all is good and that you are still "status quo" of sorts. I am so sorry that you had the fall - I am sure that was just nerve wracking when it happened. You are such a good, protective, nurturing mama - these boys are gonna have best parents when then come into this world! (they already do!)

The Batson Family... said...

OMG Sara!!! It sounds like you have had a rough few days. I'm so sorry!!!! The good thing is that you and the babies are doing good. Please get some rest and keep us posted! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!! ((HUGS))