Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have a WINNER!

Yes Natalie, The movie IS the Fox & The Hound! I am so proud of you... You are really good at these games, you should make it a career! :)

I technically haven't thought of the prize yet, (I know-Bad Sara!) but I will!

Thank you for your sweet post!

Hugs, Sara


karmapearl said...

;) I am a self-proclaimed movie buff, it's true. I have loads and loads of unnecessary and random movie quotes and trivia stored in my brain.

Nicole said...

I lol'd at your comments about never making the duck face again! Funny stuff! Husbands can be wonderful and confusing all at the same time.
I love the pics, your big twin belly is adorable! :) It is amazing to me too, how you can already tell the boys apart just from their movements. I bet they will have very different personalities, too.
You always sound so cheerful about everything, even having to reschedule the ultrasound!
Keep it up, Sara!