Monday, March 16, 2009

Little THIRD trimester update!

Happy Spring! It is so beautiful outside today. I think the temperature is in the 60s, I have the windows open for the first time in months, there is absolutely no way you could possibly be in a bad mood with weather like this!

I have been trying to get Dustin to blog. He has been busy at work and with little projects that I can not do--vacuuming, carrying things, etc. And I know how much everyone LOVES his blog posts, especially me.

I am doing really well, first, I am on Spring Break this week, which makes me BEYOND thrilled! I have to write some papers, but I don't even mind. It is so much better than sitting in a stuffy classroom, I can't even describe it. I don't know how many more weeks are left of class, but not too many I wouldn't think.

I am feeling fairly good. My morning sickness is back at night with vengeance. Oh, how I hate vomiting all over & when I say "back" it only went away for about one week. The last few nights, I have been unable to keep my supper down. I don't know if it is because we have been eating later or I eat too fast, jump up too fast after eating or all of the above. Luckily, I have been at home every time I have gotten sick. No more episodes in the car. I don't mind the vomiting, I just wish I wouldn't have believed that it would be gone by now.

I have been having a really weird/bad pain for about a week now after I eat, under my right rib. I googled it and only found things about gallbladder, but I have no idea if that is what it actually is or not... It doesn't really get better with changing positions and it is the absolute worst when I am in the car. I did mention it to the nurse and she didn't really seem too concerned about it.

I am continuing to grow (the camera is downstairs, so, I will post the belly pictures later). I am 52" around the widest part of my belly and my uterus is measuring at 41 weeks. I am not swelling too terrible, but there are times when my fingers feel just like little sausages. Dustin and I watched a show on Discovery Health the other day and two women were pregnant with twins (Quads with 2 Moms, the women were lesbians and had both been implanted with embryos using one woman's eggs & the same donor sperm). They showed a picture of their swollen ankles at 35 weeks. They seriously looked like elephants!! When my ankles resemble elephants, I will certainly add the pictures to the blog.

The boys move around all the time now. It is the most amazing feeling in the world. For this feeling, I think I could be pregnant forever. It is so cool to feel them kick and squirm. I am getting to know Max's personality a little more, and Zach always seems to get him riled up. They punch each other a lot, I think they are running out of room. :)

We had a wonderful weekend at our nephew Ethan's birthday party. He is the cutest thing. He got some stamps for his birthday and was sure to stamp everyone at the party, including his cousins. My belly had some nice green alligators on it. I am excited for him (& his brother Owen) to meet the boys. I am especially excited to see what Ethan thinks when the babies aren't in my belly anymore. I always show him my belly, then he shows me his! It is so priceless. In May, when the twins are born, my parents will have FOUR grandsons 2 & under. Not too bad after having three girls. Dad jokes that he is going to have to sell his boat and buy a pontoon.

As for Dustin, he is an only child, so, Max & Zach will be grand babies number 1 & 2 for his Mom. She is married to Wayne, who has 4 grown children & they have one step-grandchild. On Wayne's side of the family, there has not been a girl born for 26 years!!! Not since Auntie Maggie! I am sorry we couldn't bring any pink into the Anderson's. :)

I am totally procrastinating on cleaning the kitchen floor. I think I FINALLY convinced Dustin I need a steam mop. I wonder when I can convince him I need to go get it? wink, wink. I suppose I should take my babies and go finish cleaning the house. I am just enjoy the smells of springtime and the birds singing, reminding me of all I have to be thankful for.

Love to All, Sara

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