Thursday, March 19, 2009

Part II

I went to the doctor this morning to see Dr. Roberts. I don't know what my lab results are yet, but, she was in a fury after I left.

My weight was good, finally up a little. 24 lbs. total pregnancy. My blood pressure was amazing at 108/72. No fever, rest of the vitals were really good.

She listened to heart beats, checked my uterus height, etc. Everything looked good. Made me explain to her how I fell, etc.

I had a list of things to talk to her about and I mentioned my right side pain. I have been having this pain for almost two weeks, it is TERRIBLE when it happens, usually 30 minutes after I eat. It takes my breath away. She said that is where my gall bladder is, and she would be really concerned if I was nauseous or having vomiting. I told her that I have had both of those... And she just about had a cow. I got the stern, "SARA!" I proceeded to tell her that the tech had found gallstones last night. She didn't know about them...

I need to meet with a surgeon to discuss removal of the gall bladder before it explodes. They do not like to do surgery in the 3rd trimester and I do not like the idea of surgery in pregnancy, PERIOD. She took some blood, a CBC and a liver function test. The results of those will see how bad the gall bladder is. I do not have a fever, which is a good thing. I do have terrible, honestly terrible pain. I have it right now. It feels like my side is on fire, I feel like someone is ripping my guts apart. I have looked at my side a lot because it feels bruised. It hurts SO bad. It often becomes reddened and swollen. She will let the surgeon decide what to do & if I do have surgery, she said I can expect to be in the hospital for several days.

Then, I asked her about cervical length. She was concerned about this and wants me to check on it today at my appt. at the University. I will do that and I need to email her as soon as I come home with the measurement and she will decide what to do from there.

I will need to go into Labor & Delivery on Sunday morning for a test to see if I am in Pre-Term Labor. If it is positive, I will deliver in two weeks. If it is negative, no babies for two weeks. They will check this and give me steroids, etc. Depending on the results.

She also put me on bedrest because of the gall stones. She didn't even want me to drive home. I don't know how serious she was or if it was just because she was so fired up. I will again ask more about that at the appt. this afternoon.

Dustin should've got off work at 11 a.m. I am waiting for him to come home. My ultrasound is at 1:30 p.m., I will discuss all of these things with the high risk, perinatologist at the U.

What a work of God though that I would fall the day before all of these appointments and the gall bladder and cervical length thing would come into light. I just hope and pray these boys stay in. I am itchig to meet them, but REALLY would prefer to avoid the NICU.

Will update after we get home and talk to Dr. Roberts tonight.

Hugs and Love, Sara with a side ache.

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