Monday, March 9, 2009

Twenty Seven Weeks

I have ONE week left until the third trimester. I can not wait!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures, Dustin is currently fuming at me right now, because I uploaded these pictures online and deleted two pictures in the mean time... one I was making a stupid duck face while I was writing out Thank-You notes from the shower & the other was of the corner of the family room. I guess he is afraid I will never make the stupid duck face ever again. And that moment will be lost forever in time.

I am feeling allright, the babies are moving around a lot. I can really tell the difference between them. I am currently questioning some gall bladder issues. I have a terrible pain in my upper right quadrant, after I eat, that travels up my shoulder and takes my breath away. I googled it today, and that was what I came up with. I guess it would make sense, but it hasn't knocked me out yet. I might e-mail Dr. Roberts tomorrow and keep her notified. It very well might be the boys growing. Max is on the right and I often need to push his foot down so I can get my breath.

The twins have very different schedules. Zach is busier in the morning and evenings. He kicks a lot and does some kind of fluttering occasionally. Max is now a little pushier in his movements and he is busy in the evening and at night. He often wakes me up kicking. They don't know this yet, but after they are born, they WILL be on the same schedule!! :)

I am feeling pretty ginormous. I know many of you said at my baby shower that you didn't think I looked "that big." Well, I tried on some clothes this morning that I wore last week and they didn't fit. Not even a little bit.

Dustin informed me tonight that I need to reschedule my ultrasound for next Wednesday because he has to work! :O! I hope I can get in sooner, rather than later. I will call asap in the morning. I wouldn't go without him. It is too cool watching his face light up when he sees the boys on the monitor.

I better get into bed. I have a very long day tomorrow. I have school from 1-6 p.m. and then work from 9 p.m. - 9 a.m. It is supposed to snow, a lot. I have never exactly enjoyed driving, especially in the winter, in snow. And I need to go from Princeton to Cambridge to Princeton to Milaca. Busy!

Love to All of you,

The Big Mama

(A special prize will be awarded to who can tell me what antimated movie has a character called Big Mama!)


karmapearl said...

I think that you look great. I think it's really interesting that the boys already have different personalities and styles. So cute!

I love reading your updates!!!

And is the movie the Fox and the Hound?

The Batson Family... said...

Yeah, almost to the third trimester!!!! :) I absolutely adore the belly pics...hopefully, one day I will loook as cute as you as a pregnant girl! ;) Cant wait for the boys to get here!!! Give them big squeezes for me and give one to Dustin too!!! :) Have a good weekend....