Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kicking Babies!

Ok, check this out! I am sitting at the computer, studying, and the boys are kicking like crazy. If you watch on the video, about half way through, I hold my breath and you can first see Zach kick me, and then, almost at the end, Max gives a little punch too! :)


Beth said...

oh, i miss that so much! :) you're one happy mama, sara...

The Batson Family... said...

Ok, so how adorable is that!!! makes me want to cry! :) So I have decided that you need to add a video now every once in awhile to your blog. I think that would be, I am sure that Dustin would film it for me! :) Just to show off your growing belly so I can see the boys up close and personal. I think it sounds like a FAB-U-LOUS idea!!!! What do ya think?

Anyway, hugs to the babies and tell Dustin "Hi" for me!!!

Robin said...

Dustin & Sara,
I am so completely amazed at how great the 2 of you are at putting all that you are feeling and experiencing into words & photo's for all of us to see & hear!
It's really neat to be able to check in on you to see how you 2 are doing but, also how your feeling, your thoughts, fears & sometimes the "not so nice things " that people say or do while your carrying a baby, let alone 2!LOL
Not everyone would be willing to share such a intimate yet exciting time with others & I just wanted to say Thank You... (It's nice to feel involved even when we can't be! :) Your both doing an excellent job of keeping us up-dated & someday you can print this blog off & put it in their baby books as a "before you arrived" baby log!
I'm so extremely happy for you both & wish you Gods Blessings in all that you do! You both will make the very best parents and these boys will be very happy & blessed with the two of you as mom & dad!!!

Love: Auntie Robin