Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where to Start!!

Last night (3/18), I went outside into the garage at 5:05 p.m. to pull out the grill so we could BBQ some porkchops. I was wearing backless shoes, and my foot slipped somehow, and I fell, face first into the cement. I landed on my hand first and then, that slid and I smashed my tummy into the garage floor.

I was covered in grease, terrified and in pain, I got up, went into the bathroom and immediately checked for bleeding (there was none), cleaned off my hand and texted Dustin what happened. I went upstairs for a bandaid for my hand and kept thinking that I needed to call Labor & Delivery. In our birthing class, the teacher kept reittering to call, call... So, I found the number in the folder and called. The nurse, Katrina was amazingly sweet and said I needed to come in right away. I called Dustin (he was still at work) and told him to meet me at the hospital, and then I drove uptown.

I was doing really good until I realized I hadn't felt them kick since the fall. I called my sister, Betsy, who has two boys and asked her if she ever fell when she was pregnant. I just started to cry. All I could think about was that I did something stupid to hurt our sons. Betsy really calmed me down and assured me that they were safe and protected in there. I was reminded of people who get in car accidents while pregnant and babies are fine.

I got into the ER and was sent right upstairs. Dustin wasn't there yet, so, I told everyone he was coming up to see me and I tromped up to the 3rd floor. I didn't even need a wheelchair. I was still pretty freaked out, and still no baby movement.

I got into a hospital room, left a urine sample, changed into a gown and got ready to get hooked up to the monitors, Dustin got there. Babies looked really good and I was not having contractions. They called Dr. Roberts to see what she wanted to do and she ordered that I stay on the monitor for 4 hours, have a ultrasound and some blood work.

The boys kicked like crazy on the monitors, something about the soundwaves made them go crazy. They were so cute. In 4 hours, I had one contraction that I didn't feel. The lab tech came in to draw my blood and asked why my monitor was "nosier than most?" We told her we were having twins, she just about flipped over. It was so sweet. :) Everyone was really excited for us, so nice, so caring. I really am fortunate we go there.

The tech came in with the ultrasound and babies looked good. The placentas didn't tear away during the fall, and I wasn't leaking aminotic fluid. She was able to measure and weigh them. They are measuring almost a week ahead, Zach weighs about 3 lbs. 1 oz. and Max weighs about 2 lbs. 15 oz. VERY CLOSE.

She was concerned about my cervical length. It is shortening. It was 2 cm when it should be between 3-4. She did lots of pictures of that. It is a test of pre-term labor, which is what we DO NOT want.

I told the tech about ALL the pain I have been having under my right rib, she mentioned that was where my gall bladder was at and put the wand there. She said I had a "rock pile" in my gall bladder. The screen lit up white with stones. Because she didn't have an order to do the test, she didn't mention it to the doctor. I did today. More on that to come.

We sat there and waited until 10 p.m. when I could get unhooked and go home. Dustin was starving and exhausted. We ate a little dinner, I vomited some of mine and we fell asleep.

Content that our sons are healthy. I had all ready scheduled appointments for today, Thursday, March 19th with Dr. Roberts for a follow-up and at the U of M for our big ultrasound scan. So, a lot of what happened last night would be followed up with today.

How I didn't fall on ICE all winter and then my foot twists in the garage... It's beyond me. Possibly a blessing in disguise in regards to the gall bladder.

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